Maureen Mead and Jennifer Stubbs

Recorded July 12, 2023 Archived July 12, 2023 36:14 minutes
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Good friends Maureen Mead (54) and Jennifer Stubbs (52) trade memories from their early twenties spent in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

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Maureen Mead (MM) asks Jennifer Stubbs (JS) about her 21st birthday.
MM tells the story of getting a crab tattoo for JS's birthday.
JS and MM talk about the band they were in together, The Bremens.
JS remembers her future husband walking in to join the band.
MM tells the story of how she got "Cryreen" as a nickname.
MM and JS describe their time working at Taco Grande in Kalamazoo, Michigan.
JS says her first memory of MM is her chewing gum, the same as she is doing now.
JS reflects on the strange twists and turns of life and the profound impact MM has had on her.
MM reflects on JS's sturdiness in her life.
MM and JS remember the birth of JS's first child, during which Maureen (MM) went to the hospital and started crying on the floor outside of the delivery room.


  • Maureen Mead
  • Jennifer Stubbs

Recording Location

Kalamazoo Public Library