Mayla Patterson interviews Sarath Silva (her Seeya)

Recorded November 24, 2023 Archived November 24, 2023 41:11 minutes
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Mayla Patterson (9) interviewed her Seeya (grandfather), Sarath Parakrama Silva (85) on Thanksgiving Day in 2023. They talked about the kindness of his parents and a childhood in Galle, Sri Lanka. They spoke of moving inland during World War II because of the threat of bombing by Japanese warplanes, of playing cricket at school, and of Vesak and other holidays. Mayla then turned the interview over to her Loku Ammi (aunt), Naamal De Silva (45). The conversation then covered tragedies and perseverance, the importance of helping others, marriages, time in Iran during the revolution, and gratitude for siblings and children.


  • Naamal De Silva
  • Sarath Parakrama Silva

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