Edith Johnson and Jaimie Johnson

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Edith E. Johson, 80, is interviewed by her granddaughter, Jaimie Johnson, 26.

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Who is your favorite grandchild and why?; both grandkids are wonderfl; Jaimie is a third year med student.
photographer; married 58 years; story of how she met her husband Sid; watched her husband play craps
Change is important; “I like my life now”; living in a community with people over 55, some of them are very boring
Grandfather was born in a dugout in Kansas; story of the death of two of his children on the prairie
Describes the first time that she saw her grandson Brent
“Everything comes to an end”; story of her mother cooking huge meals; mother was house bound in her last few years of life


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00:04 My name is Jamey Johnson. I'm 26 years old today is December 20th 2008. We're here in Tampa, Florida, and I'm here with my grandmother.

00:16 My name is Edith Arlene Johnson. I'm 80 years old. Today's date is December 20th 2008 where in Tampa and I have my granddaughter here to talk to?

00:29 Wonderful, though. I wanted to start. I asked my brother Brent what I should ask you and the first thing that he said is I'm that I'm supposed to ask you is who is your favorite grandchild and why? Oh that is really a stinky thing to say. It's a new well, both of you are hike have no favourites. You're the only two I have and I love you dearly and both of you are equal and put that in your pipe.

00:58 But if they are they're just darling and they grew up so far away from me, but I did make lots of trips out to they were in Los Alamos New Mexico. Where did you and I take the train out and see them but they were just adorable children and full of the old Nick and so smart but then I'll Jamie is a third-year medical student at Gainesville. So we're going to have a doctor in the family and friend is looking into graduate school to get his MBA. So it's been and their World Travelers. That's what that's what I'm envious about because when I was a girl we had a war and nobody got to travel unless you were in the service, which I wasn't that then but now

01:46 They go everywhere when I think about all the trips, you've made I wrote them all down. I have a list of the places you've been and some of them are what?

01:56 Where've You Been So Brandon I we lived in we both lived in Japan for two years. And then from there we went to all throughout Asia and we we spent Christmas I think a couple years ago in Australia. So so that was wonderful and you went to China Korea Island so I can ask you to where would where would you like to go everywhere know I we enjoyed our trip when we celebrated with our 49th anniversary and we went to Scotland and we went to England and then we went over to a friend's phone your father remarried and that was a wonderful trip. I really enjoyed that but I love France I would go back to France tomorrow. I thought the area around nice and that Maritime Alps. I thought it was gorgeous. But we were there in June to in the flowers. Everything was so beautiful.

02:56 And I'd go back except that I don't think I could hack it. Now. I do it all the time. That's a long flight a really long flight for us. We're content to be in the slow lane in Florida. What was it like to see your son get married? I loved it. I was hoping he would marry Michelle because she is a darling woman and her whole family was so hospitable to us. I made it was just it was a beautiful we didn't all speak the same language, but we certainly communicated and I thought it was a darling wedding. It was all in French, but I noticed that our son Mark new one to say we so that the marriage was legalized. I loved it. It was beautiful. What was your wedding? Like it was very very small. We had a private wedding. I was still in the Air Force. My husband was out of Air Force in school in Chicago, so

03:47 I we got married the 24th of June which is the Swedish midsummer's Festival, which I didn't know what the time we just had a private wedding and then my mother had a little reception at the house and then I had to go back went back to Chicago while the Korean War start of the day after we were married which was lovely. So when I went back to the base in July, they said if Edith if you want to go out you better watch your discharge off because they're going to freeze everybody for another year while I wasn't about to be frozen there and have my husband in Chicago. So I did and I got out the 15th of July and I was very happy to be back out and I don't want to be in that mess. I did not want to go to Korea which I don't think that they would have sent me. I was a photographer and I loved it until I met my husband. I thought I'd make a career but he fouled up everything by falling in love with each other and we've been married what 58 years.

04:47 That's a long time and how did you first meet ogier? I don't know whether I want to tell you that or not. We were in the photo lab and we're having a Christmas party and the Fellas were in the supply room shooting craps and I walked in and he had all this money between his fingers and I was there about 15 minutes and he lost it all that should have told him something and then he asked me out and we went out and that was our first date and at night and we can remarried following June. What did he do for your date though that night. We were in Rantoul, Illinois, which was just nothing. There were three taverns in one restaurant what you could you do you call the local Salon, you know that was said and then walked home and it was cold. I can remember that but I didn't think much of it at the time, but he grew on me.

05:39 He was a very persistent man. And I was her I'm very happy. We had a fat a good life and we have two wonderful children and not two beautiful grandchildren and their everything we ever hoped for and so you met you met and then and then you were married the following June but then over that time right now you lived in various places over the course of your bear over the course of your marriage. I mean, oh, yeah, we lived in Chicago and we had both children there and then we went back to Davenport with Davenport, Iowa, which is really what I consider my home and then we lived there until 1997 when we move to Florida and I really hated leaving but my husband has his lung problem, you know, Grandpa, does he coughs all the time and he's so good down here plus we have the VA hospital here that it that's a marvelous facility and we're grateful to them back my new glasses. I had my cataract surgery done there.

06:36 So anyway, but and it's nice to be close to you and to Mark in Orlando or Maitland or whatever it is. So we're going there for Christmas. What did you choose Davenport see my grandparents live there and that's why we went back my mother night and I went to school. I went to the my last two years. I went to a Catholic girls school, which I loved because they're weak war uniforms. There was no deciding what to wear everyday and then from there and then I went in the service. How did you how did you choose to go into the service? Well, I have a scholarship for college, but we were not rich people and there was no way I could go even though I had a nice little scholarship. But so I decided Well, I was adventurous I wanted to see the world. So I went to the Navy recruiter and he was an old salt and I wasn't thrilled with him and he wasn't thrilled with me. He did not like the idea of women in the service.

07:36 So I went next door to the Army and enlisted and then we took tests and you got depending on your score you got in the Air Force and I was delighted to get in the Air Force. However

07:48 All right, then. I why did I have pic photography? I often wonder I guess it's cuz it was so hardest thing to get into I decided I'd try it and why was in Denver for 9 or 10 months and I love Denver and I love the school. And I mean I really enjoyed my service and then from there we went to her. I went to Rancho and then I met Sid and it was over.

08:10 So what about you? That's just not all about me. You're the Storyteller here here that I am. Well, it was not a happy childhood on my parents are divorced when I was eight and on my mother and I were very close. We were close to our lives. We live together all except 12 and a half years of our lives and will you know your great-grandmother you loved her dearly but I went I change School 17 times and attended nine different school. So it was really hectic until my last two years and I love my last two years of high school.

08:49 And I've been back for a couple reunions, but now there's not too many left. I mean, I'm a growing all my friends, you know, I mean, I'm getting old and they're dropping like flies anymore. But when you get to be a t I ain't what can you expect although? I don't think I act like I did a t i don't think so. I don't know. What kind of a kid where you very docile. Very good. I mean, I'd my mother had no problem with me until I decided I wasn't going back to high school. That was a problem. That's why she put me in this other school. But no, I mean I love school. I really love school, but I didn't like moving back and forth. I couldn't make any good friends. You don't you just don't so and I never liked Gary where we lived off and on and we have well anyway, my childhood was not the best but I had a mother who was there for me all the time. I always knew I could count on her and I still miss her even though she's been gone since 96. I do talk about her a lot. Don't Heights.

09:49 What are your what are some of your favorite memories with her? It's hard to say it. So many happy things happened with us. I was so thrilled when she married my stepfather. I really pushed for that and I named our daughter Apollo for him. His name was Paul and there's just so many. I mean it would take 50 minutes to tell you all the beautiful things about her, but she was always there for me. She didn't think I could do anything wrong, which is very nice, you know, and she stuck with me. She could have put me in a home when she was two words for my father, but she wouldn't do that. She kept you with her and she was a little little girl.

10:34 So anyway, it was her name was Doris Everett Kiernan and she was born in Galesburg, Illinois in 1908. So she would have been a hundred this year hard to believe that on June 29th, June 29th. Send your father's birthday is the 27th. He was almost a present for her. Maybe we nearly lost him. We had him in the hospital in Chicago for three months. He was allergic to come cow's milk. So but we saved him and now I wish that one Doctor Who told me I wouldn't raise him. I wish you were around. He's probably dead too because I was furious with him and I'm control look at him now. He has his Doctorate and he's a very successful man. So he told me he was a puny little child and he probably wouldn't live very long and I think about it. It's strangling. Okay, where are we now?

11:34 Now that you're a grandmother, what kind of Grandmother was she like him. Can you see? Oh, she was a wonderful grandmother. She was a little partial to Paula because she had her for about five months because when we were in Chicago since V8 belt went out his GI bill so I had to go to work. Well, what are you going to do? You know, there is no they didn't have places to take your kids in those days. So my mother took her back to Davenport weird Chicago. I was a wreck I would never do that again. It was horrible and

12:10 So my mother was naturally to raise, you know, those five months and Paula was very ill when she got back. I took her back because she missed my mother about we got over that inquest. I got pregnant for Mark right away. They were 14 and 1/2 months between those two and I was working at insurance company and they wouldn't in those days few got pregnant. You were out the door, you know what which is ridiculous, but that's the way it was at the phone company. You couldn't be married before the war. But after that when the woman when the war started while they had no choice.

12:42 So I worked at the phone company during the War affect. I was on the board VJ night and I got it. We all got to a plaque for doing that. That was something for does the switchboard lit up like Christmas. I've never seen anything like it because the beat was V-J the silly horrible Gatsby war was over was wonderful. That was a high moment of my life.

13:05 Where where did you first get your sense of patriotism? I don't know. I think I've always had I love her. I'm still.

13:16 I have to call if okay.

13:19 Excuse me, I am.

13:23 I just loved the flag and I don't know I just something about it. And when I went to service that really submitted it and now I am registered at the Women's Memorial in Washington and which is really nice. I try to support that and I belong to the WAPP Association, which is the women in the Air Force and I keep in touch with some of my friends from the service. But if I say, you know, they're all in such poor health and I'm not thank goodness. I had a real good physical and they told me I was like a 65 year old woman. Thank you very much. You tell me a little bit about Arlene one of your good friends from the service or as she was my maid of honor in the service and she married a young man whom he went to Korea or week after she was buried so she stayed in until he came home, but she was a lovely girl. She still is a lovely girl. She lives in Yuma, Arizona. We keep in touch.

14:23 Lights with the telephone, you know, I don't do email. I am really not up to all this good stuff that you people do.

14:32 But it seems like you've you've always been one to have lots of friends and keep in touch with a lot of people right you had a good you had a great social network when you're in Davenport and now there's only three left in that original Club. So and I talked to all of them. I had you I've been doing set of Christmas cards I do phone calls, but I'm one of the highlights of my life is when I worked at the college when Paula went to school and to Iowa and I went to work at marycrest that I mean, I love those are my 50s 40s and 50s. I love them at work and I love the nuns and we had a wonderful Rapport. I still keep in touch with all of them.

15:12 And if so, it was an experience. I'll never forget that you worked as a registrar at marycrest. Yeah, I started out as a record Clerk and in two years, I was register because I did not have a college education, but when they checked with them and north-central certifying people they said listen if she can do the job don't worry about it. So I got that job and that was nice because I had to in college and sit and I really had to scramble to keep him away. Even though Iowa was not the most expensive school. It's an excellent school and I loved I was City. I really like to go up there and they will probably got her MBA there in mark on his page. Do you there? So we have nice memories of Iowa City. So what would you do when you would go visit them? What would you do in Iowa City when we go visit you take them out to dinner because they're always hungry and that was Mark was such a crazy one here.

16:10 He didn't let with a computer. Him--no Johnson is such a common name. So he changed his name to UConn what he ran his cards and those days you had the IBM cards and that he would do this at night. So he be up all night and sleep all day and then go to class in between and he would be such a slob. We really worried about it because he just didn't care if he weren't any shorts and a thing over 10, let his hair grow and his sister would walk down the street if she saw him coming she crossed the street so she may have to say speak to him. She was so embarrassed by it. But now that I think about it, I think it's hilarious and you didn't care because now he cares what he did and said he was off to get through school. That's what he wanted. What we started in 70 got his Doctorate 76. You can't really say that he wasn't hustling right along and I and I heard him once say that he was trying to beat and Paula. I like the get finished before she did really they're very competitive Heat.

17:10 Is within 2 hours of getting his degree, but she beat him then they shoot he was really Furious. He wanted to Peter but it worked out. Anyway, he got his Doctorate and that was what he was after and we started talking College when those children were just a little and Mark said he was going to go to Iowa City and throw the ball. Well, I don't think he did that but I thought it was hilarious what he'd say. That was so cute. What were they like as kids though? They were something I was with him almost always alone because to traveled and I would be home with the children and they were very good and we'd sit we ate what we wanted to eat when he was gone. And we would I would read to them at the table.

17:56 And it's funny because I did all these things and know what I say something. Oh, I remember how daddy used to play games with us in a remember me sitting there by the hour reading and taking them everywhere, but they remember Daddy because that was the high spot of the week when he would come home and they always walked in and they say, what did you bring me any usually had some little trinket for them, but he traveled so much and that was hard on him really hard that he and those days, you know, we didn't have a big vacations and things like that when he took a vacation he get another job for 2 weeks because money was tight. We bought our first house. I was worried to death that we wouldn't be able to make the payments but we did we struggle. Nobody handed us anything. We worked for everything and I think that's good.

18:46 And we didn't have any credit. We had no credit cards. We had nothing like that and that was all right.

18:53 I had a checking account but that it was a different it was a different than today and not that it's was better. I think changes important you can be stagnant. I think that's and as far as sitting here looking back at things and saying the good old days bologna. I like my wife now. I have a dishwasher in the washer in the dryer and I have a few things that I didn't have them. So and I love the idea of young people. That's what I like. I and I'm living in a park with all these people over 55 and they're very nice very nice. But some of them are boring they are really bored and it's still it's a good life. We're very grateful about how the gifts and the code that you that you cannot Mark was the worst one. He'd shake things.

19:49 And just you know, if something could be breakable, but I used to get furious. So I devised to code and I've never let them know what it is and Mark said to me not too long ago when you were pretty young. Mom. You're going to tell me about the code. I said no, I'm taking it to my grave. But the code for the gas that that you would what would you do though the code? What would I do with it? Right so I would ride write something that you would write something on the tag numbers and letters and they never cracked it never and that's because I'm Devious Maids change things, but we know it was crazy because they were just who knows how to how many you have this many gifts or I have this many gifts you note that was important. Everything was even Steven. So I put all these numbers on and nobody knew what anything I had to give out the gifts.

20:44 And I did and I'm keeping that secret and if they still know the code now right now sure but I'm not telling it that's a secret. If you have any other secrets, well, if I do you think I'm going to tell you know, I have high everybody has Secrets Jamie and and a couple always has lovely secrets. You don't let nobody else is ever going to know and I just dread the day when something happens to one of us, but I'm not thinking about that. I think positive we're going to go on and not and that's what I want. As long as the grandpa can play golf twice a week and play poker once a week and wins and and I can do my thing. I love to read and talk to people and write letters and play cards. Well, I don't get to play cards only when you were there and marks.

21:40 But I would really like average game this Christmas. I wish could be arranged. How did you learn bridge in the first place? I belong to a 500 Club and unbeknownst to me. Some of the women were bored with 500 in so they started learning bridge and all of a sudden we went to club one night and they said were playing bridge. I had no idea what to do. So I got a book and read it and then I start playing and then I talk calling Mark to play bridge because we were out in the country and on the weekends when people wouldn't come out if the weather was bad so they learned how to play bridge and that was really nice then we could play and but Chris Mark didn't believe me he went to the library and got books. So he read the books and he had his own strategy and put that's how he was.

22:26 But you are a good bridge player, Jamie and we always play pinochle what that cut throat if that's a good thing. How did you learn that one was born knowing that we played cards as a child at weave everybody play cards. I didn't have television, you know, so we entertained ourselves with great grandma to would you play would you play with your mom? I'm sure she was she always had to work. Would you raise me? I mean, she didn't have much time but I was thinking about something when we're driving down here. My grandfather was born in a Dugout in Kansas and they were I think there was seven children and two of them died on the trip out that they were going to, Oklahoma.

23:15 Anyway, they buried these two babies and then they drove the wagons over the top of the Grave. So that animals wouldn't desecrate the graves. And when my grandfather died, I went to the cemetery first time. I have been to the old cemetery and there were no markers. There was nothing on any of the greys and I was upset because I thought you knew we should have their names of my grandmother and my grandfather and uncles and aunts and then I was told the story that because of what happened on the Prairie that there was no way anyone was ever going to have a marker because those two little babies were buried with nothing and no one would ever know where they were so there is nothing on the grave that tells that is our family and I guess that's okay if that's what they wanted, but I thought that was a kind of a sad story that must have been a hard life than but they must have been brave people to do that. They turned around in Oklahoma and went back to Illinois. It was just too hard.

24:15 But he only had a fourth grade education my grandfather, but he was quite the man quite the man they had six children and

24:25 And he was a good he was a good father to his son. This song great grandma's light on your on your mother's side grandma in that. She was the show number. She was at C12. She was like think the third child and she was at a tomboy and my mother and my grandmother used to say when she look for Dora shape look out the window and look in the tallest tree because that's probably where she should be. She was really something else and she was always fit in love to dance. She was quite the dancer fact, that's where she met my father at a dance. I think he's swept her off her feet and she eat while is she still would do the Charleston just for fun when she was in her forties Just For Fun Fest in the house. Sorry, I just to show the movie love to dance. I I loved it in so I married my husband. He's the only time you can dance if he's had a couple drinks and that is not that good.

25:26 What kind of dancing would you like? Would you like to do everything everything? I love to poke. I left two shot. It's true the Lindy I love to all foxtrot everything just turn the music on and turn me loose. But now I can hardly walk across the street. So I'd have a little problem wouldn't I like to dance a little bit if I ever I feel like if I learned that that would help really I don't remember. I just remember doing it while I like to chat but as far as borrow or anything like that, no, I just left the guy took a hold of you and talk to you when I'm the floor and he leaving you'd follow in. That was fun this dancing some people. Do you know I'm surprised they don't put their backs out of whack. It is incredible to me all that energy. I think it's marvelous.

26:22 And so do you see yourself becoming more like your mother or I am like my mother I'm starting to look a little more like her although. I look more like my grandmother with these I have dark circles around my eyes, but no, my mother was just a wonderful person. I can't she went she had such a tough life and and Northwest 29 years. We had her with us, you know, she was just said darling there's just no, oh she had a temper and she let you know to stand for any foolishness and that was good, but I always knew no matter what happened. She loved me dearly and I could do no wrong unless she wanted to correct that was different. But you're somebody else forget it she was there for me and that's something everyone should have

27:17 I think that's what's wrong today. These kids don't have time one that just thinks that they're the wonderful and stands by the house. She would correct me. I mean, I knew she always just say you are as good as anyone but no one is better than you are. I thought that was kind of an interesting thing to remember and if somebody was rude to me she'd say just ignore them. Well, it's kind of hard to do when your kid but it worked out it worked out. We went through it all and it was so I've had a good life. I realized I don't figure it's over either amount of time in Wisconsin to go that's where we went on vacation people that went. Some people went to the Grand Canyon. We went to the Northwoods to cease his family and they were wonderful. His father was a real tall can a Swedish man and

28:09 Listen to me the first time I met him. He said now. My dad doesn't talk to you don't be surprised if we got off the train. He never stopped talking. It was really funny and they were very welcoming. They had never met me before we got married and they were very nice to me and send one to your hunting and left me with all the new relatives which was really Charming of him and I got to go to meet all the relatives in Hayward Wisconsin, which is where the family was originally came from Sweden and settled there and is Auntie Lillian who was 6-2 and giggled she had a real funny little giggle and was very nice to meet Leo work and I felt so funny. I mean here I was pregnant meeting with these people for the first time.

28:55 It was it was an experience since it had a wonderful time deer hunting and I got to meet all the relatives and they were wonderful and where my mother-in-law was just the kind of sweetest person and I always we got along she was not a mother-in-law who interfered. She wouldn't give you advice unless you ask for it, but we went there every year after the children were about 3 and we took them up and they were baptized there at the house with that. We had the pastor come over Lutheran pastor and butt and I raised my children Lutheran and I think. I don't know. What's what they do, but then I don't question. It's none of my Affair and what religion are you my darling from? My mom's side to Budapest right Matt and he spent a lot of time with with my my other set of grandparents darling people Daisy and Howard. They were just so Charming.

29:55 Made me feel so welcome and we were at out at marks and Michelle Admirals at when you I wish I promise you to come I'd come for your 4th birthday. So then I did and I got to meet them and they were just well, it was a wonderful visit and I've always cherish that and then we correspond it after that and then Chris your grandmother had breast cancer and died of that button then I've met your other two of your aunts. And I think you have a great family and the other side of the family their readers are really lovely people and you put your blessed Jamie with the good relatives.

30:38 And so as I've always wanted to ask you this to how did you find out you would become a grandmother?

30:47 Your father called up and told me and that's how he did it. That's how it was done. I remember the first time I saw you your dad. He was on a sabbatical you were born in Tucson and they were going to there he was going to get a receipt Minnesota for the last six months of his sabbatical and your mother flew with you.

31:07 To Moline, Illinois, cuz we were in Davenport and she got off the plane. She hadn't had anything to eat in and she was afraid to take a pill for Dramamine because she always got airsick because she was afraid with you at holding on to a 5 month old kid. She got off the plane. She was as white as a sheet. She just tossed that kid and you put your arms around my neck. And I think it's been that way ever since you always my darling little girl. He went one bit. Shy we gave Nora quick candy bar and got her on her feet and took her home. She was really wiped out. That was a tough trip for her that she wasn't. Well she got she contacted hepatitis C when you were born from a transfusion. Well, thank God that's over and now they check for that they didn't in those days and how about 4 friends the first time you saw him. He was so serious, so they told me win and then I came out.

32:07 You take the train. I took the train out here and I was there and I'm your mother was all baby and you wait 12 3 and 1/2 and he weighed eleven 7 so you weren't exactly as tiny babies. But I want of the hospital the day after he was born in your mother was really kind of said she said she looks so Oriental I said for having sex while he's half or careful. He's up Japanese what but he was so Charlie. He was such a cute baby and he was a good baby real good little baby. I was there two weeks after he was born and then I went home and then we're fine. You are fine. But you you were my tag along I could get rid of you your horn blow to me and I cried and cried when you would leave you cried all the way home. Your father said he could have just didn't know what to do with you can feel I want my grandma and then and then

33:07 Grandma's reaction to Brian's and Friends relationship with her. So thrilled she was so what he look like when he was three months old. He was really a tub and she held him but she couldn't to walk with him and she just hung on to him didn't feel we could take pictures, but she couldn't stop looking at him cuz he had these gorgeous brown eyes. And he said when he was older, what is great grandma stare at me I said because you're so beautiful and your eyes really itchy just admires your eyes. He wasn't too thrilled with that, but she couldn't take her eyes off him.

33:47 But that's when we play remember we played cards with breakfast. I had you for those six weeks. They moved to Atlanta what a time we had for the hottest summers in the world and we had them we played we had breakfast we played cards fish and War and I taught you how to say congratulations, even though you were little cheaters been with the big old crocodile tears roll down the cheeks and they do still say congratulate Natasha to be good winners. And and do you say the same thing to to Dad and Aunt Paula 200 absolute democracy where they didn't play cards like that and they didn't really play like you and bread to it was different it was different. They we played we colored and cut out things that it was it was your childhood was so different than theirs, but that's the way you know,

34:42 Things were they spent a fair number of Summer's at boot Lake? Yes, 32 years. We went up there for vacations and my last year was the first year. We stayed in Florida. So it was lovely. I didn't mind it at all. But I did miss the lake and my friends up there. We had such nice time, but and Sid loved the fishing.

35:04 And his boat which were waiting to get rid of him, but it's too difficult. What's 1800 Mile Drive and we just can't do it anymore. And he even though we'd love to it's just too difficult and now it's too expensive and and the resort there that you would stay at The Birches and you stand the Cottages right now, but then the last what 10 years we went for 4 months and that was in stayed in the motel at the Royal at The Birches said we had a wonderful time and the kids are watch those children grow up there the people on that then surely God for who owned the resort was a dear dear friend of mine and her sons are such Darlings and I mean, it was just a lovely time to go but everything comes to an end to do have to face that and not be sorry just be glad you had what you had. I remember you saying that when you would get back from the lake to some times when great grandma wouldn't go and she was saying that she would cook I'll

36:04 We've come home and she'd have fried chicken and potato salad and a cake and should be sorry. It was the last few years. I had someone come and stay with her because I was afraid to leave her alone and she like that little diversion, you know, because she was really housebound the last for the last two years. We did not go anywhere because I would not leave her and but before that I'd have someone stay with her and then that was fine to know she was happy. She was glad to see some different faces cuz I'm sure she was bored with sitting on my butt and we try to have people come in and she loved when I head Bridge Club cuz all the girls would come and talk to her and let you know what her life the last I would say 7 years of her life was not the greatest in the world of quality of life. And so then when she would had her Hemorrhage, she had a a lower GI Hemorrhage massive damage the doctors talked about while they'd find out what was going on in and do surgery and I said, oh no, you're not doing it.

37:04 Surgery, I promised her no surgery. She's 88 years old. I wouldn't do that to her. So and I talked to her though. You still talk about her or talk to her you are around I was with her when I was with my stepfather when he died and I was with my mother and so was so sad. I have no fear of death. It's a beautiful thing. It's part of living and it was just so and everyone looks about ten years younger after they die. They just have this the worry of the world is going on in the body is so peaceful. It's a it's a beautiful thing. It's heartbreaking because who wants to lose someone you love but at the same time you wouldn't wish the back and the condition that they're in and I I have all that taken care of. Let me tell you but I don't want anyone bringing me back if I'm in that kind of shape and that's important to do to even when you're young Jamie.

37:58 Well in the medical profession you should seal this.

38:02 If you had patience. I love you.

38:07 But it isn't that the said it's not a real. It's beautiful, isn't it? Okay, I feel Vindicated because I say that people look at me and I think of how can that be true? It's true very very well. When I'm hoping to live long enough that you can be my doctor. My surgeon but my doctor and that will be no not me not long at all not long at all. And so I wanted to thank you for for agreeing to do this with me. I really enjoyed it. I think we have a special relationship been an extraordinary one. So I wanted to share this this interview with you this time with you, aren't you something I really love you and I think this is a great experience and thank you for getting me into this with your Machiavellian trade. I know yes and so I just wanted to end with with what you always tell me. Anyway, how you say nobody loves you? Like I do. Nobody loves you.

39:07 Like I do JB.