Teresa DeLongchamp and Matt Workman

Recorded May 8, 2009 Archived May 8, 2009 01:34:28
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Teresa DeLongchamp (48) by her biological son, Matt Workman (32). Teresa gave MAtt up for adoption as an infant. Teresa and Matt were reunited for the first time the night before this interview (5/7/2009) Teresa and Matt talk about the reunion and ask questions about each others lives. They are in the process of getting to know one another for the firs time.

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Teresa’s childhood
Teresa remembers being a teenager and her pregnancy at 15
Story about her mom seeing stretch marks on her and knowing she was pregnant.
Teresa remembers giving Matt away in the hospital
Teresa and Matt talk about their first phone call
Matt tells story of first phone call
Teresa is thankful to Matt’s adoptive parents
Mathew’s parent were ambivalent about having him meet Teresa
M tells T about growing up - he’s had a wonderful life
M and T talk about their first meeting last night, it felt natural
This experience has been a huge relief for Teresa


  • Teresa DeLongchamp
  • Matt Workman

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