Juventiho Garcia Mata Mata and Sonjia Eshell Mata Mata

Recorded January 27, 2006 Archived January 28, 2006 56:27 minutes
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Mexican American granddaughter brings her 85 yr old grand father, who raised her, to the booth on his birthday.


  • Juventiho Garcia Mata Mata
  • Sonjia Eshell Mata Mata

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00:01 Which means I'll just make sure that you're sounding okay. Your voices are loud enough. And then what I'm going to do is you should know that the microphones are really sensitive. So once that you should sit comfortably the way you're going to sit through the interview then once I set the Mike's you don't have to worry about them. You don't have to lean in or anyting occasionally. I might come up and fix them again ignore me completely ignore me. These Mike's are very sensitive. So you might be pick up on wrestling paper and things like that. So you might not want to do that, but it's okay if it happens because there's no wrong way to do anything in here. This is your 40 minutes also with that in mind. Just I should let you know sometimes when we listen we say things like in this case, you might not want to do that because when you listen to it later on I will drive you crazy. But again, it's okay. If you do not the end of the world This is 40 minutes when there's 30 minutes have passed off flash a 10-minute signal

01:01 Is something you wanted to get to her that you didn't get a chance to talk about you can't and what will do as you'll see me sometimes writing. I'm keeping a log of the interview it so that when it's filed an archived people look kind of be able to tell where what big seems you covered. Sometimes the boots may move is just people coming in and out of the booth. That's not an earthquake or at least 2% has and then when we start I'm going to point to you you're going to say your name like my name is or I am your age the date which is the 27th of January the location 3rd Street Promenade Santa Monica and your relationship. I'd like you to do that too. So maybe it will do if you'll do this and then you'll do this and then you can say you're what you were saying. Okay, then you can start businesses pretty much without is this is how I was going to hell then you say it like that. You know what the new say that you say that

02:01 Will say your name your age the date where we are and your relationship and then you could probably just cuz I love you. Can I say how you should my name is Sonia Mata and say that my grandfather and his name and I've referred him, so I would probably say that say that you say this part like this and then you'll just say the same thing just for the record. We don't use it. But just to get your voice but you should start at like that. Definitely and then you say my name is and you'll say your name your age the date 27th of January your birthday and your relationship and then you should say whatever you want to say if you want to see more of an entry about his birthday and why you brought him here.

02:56 Okay, so let me start by putting this here and putting this here and asking you both a couple of questions.

03:04 What did you have for?

03:08 What did you have for oh, sorry.

03:16 Hi, my name is Sonia Mata and it is my pleasure to be interviewing my favorite human being of all time my grandfather who bentinho garcia-mata or as I call him. Today is January 27th, 2006. And today is Tates 85th birthday. So I'd like to say happy birthday to you and let you go ahead and start off with your information. My name is suvan Dino garcia-mata, and I'm ready 5 years old today and that is 127.

03:51 06 locations of Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica

03:58 And this is my granddaughter.

04:01 Which I call her boo, boo boo. Okay. Well, I wanted to start off with a bit of your background. So why don't we start off with where you were born and tell us a little bit about what it was like growing up on a farm.

04:21 In this city is feeling better this River Calipatria and the ranch by The Brownell Brothers Ranch.

04:30 And overdid it and when I grew up at

04:34 Dig ditches in there in Georgia tractors with caterpillars

04:41 And now irrigate

04:44 No, that's about it. I just I just end my life.

04:50 Did you grow up with brothers and sisters Three Brothers to Sisters? I don't know how it was three Three Sisters LA110 drown in the canal + 9 + 1930.

05:10 And then

05:12 My two sisters other two schedule World or killing New Year's Day in 1945 when I was in I'm forces.

05:28 I learn about their death will not six months later. When I am my brother who was serving in Italy wrote me about them. So and then I have I went to the Red Cross.

05:40 And now that you're wanting to investigate and see what it what happened and from then on then. I am they send me home.

05:49 And that's just about

05:52 That serve sometime in here in the states and that was a similar symptoms to Fall South Dakota from Sioux South Dakota to send me to Biloxi Mississippi from Biloxi Mississippi accept me to Riverside, California where I was discharged.

06:09 In the end of the month of October

06:13 And no just about it. There now is during World War I or World War II and down I couldn't find any working on the farms there. So we got married I move over to Los Angeles.

06:34 Heading for that was rough uncharged up there in a sewer pipe Factory.

06:39 And from there I get to 1949 Jones on that other for the division of the National Guard and in 1950 here I go again. We were activated.

06:52 And we went to Japan but hold my time that I spend in the Army. I was a cook.

06:59 But the last time I ran in the Korean War I was a mess sergeant.

07:03 And I got another one of my daughters.

07:13 So this is the Army only paid for two dependents. They wouldn't pay for the third so they sent me home.

07:21 And that's it when I come home now.

07:24 Another widget Miami life

07:29 There were a couple of stories. I remember you telling me about during your army days and one happened to be about your experience in England. And you guys were really excited to see Piccadilly Circus. Oh, yeah.

07:45 Fill my buddies and I got a pass to London.

07:49 So we saw the sign up there.

07:53 At Piccadilly Circus, so I said let's go down there so we got on the subway.

07:58 And we got a letter. And we got out looking around for the circus.

08:04 And I'll get with no circus over here as well as some of the locals in there and she owes me places. Where is the circus at Piccadilly Circus says you just came out of it at the subway station.

08:18 Lander the second time I went to London.

08:22 I was in a past that got up at that went went to dunk Esther.

08:27 And then I got I got on the train station and I and I got to take it in the ass. If this does this train stop in petersborough and the guy said yes, he stopped in Petersburg joking I got on it.

08:42 Well, I was down by the the winning I should buy so Petersburg go by.

08:47 And then we ended up in London again. So I asked one of the one of the people that work there and they put me on the wrong plane to where they took me to the station master.

09:01 And I'm such a mess. Okay. So I'm going to take you to a train is going through them up north to Petersburg and this play will stop in petersborough. So I got it. I got it and I got them petersborough and I got their independent got a ride.

09:19 Just up at the last minute that my passport has expired.

09:27 Just as soon as I pass through the garden gate.

09:35 What time expired so I was in the camp?

09:40 What about the times you were in Japan? I think you told me once that you actually climb Mount Fuji, Japan.

09:51 Jason is about the North End.

09:56 On the main island of Japan. What year was that? 1950 and

10:04 But we were staking used to be up at Japanese Naval Base.

10:09 So we stay there for quite a while then we went to maneuver something North there's the end of the island of Japan where you can be a cat on top of the money. You could shoot up the island of Hokkaido.

10:23 So after that.

10:25 Be there yes or no. They send us to Galveston that 163 Pantry Los Angeles.

10:38 And then from there. They sent it to the 116th infantry. They sent us over to

10:47 I can't McNair Fujiyama and the slope to Fujiyama and the 223rd it was stationed there. They said it over we were station.

10:58 And they sent us so we can set up the messel.

11:03 Go out.

11:05 We had after we finished everything picking up everything we had nothing to do. So we decided to Time 5 months, It took a couple of days and we spend the night there and then we climb to the top two there for a while.

11:21 And then coming back down and we went down the slope and we took us about about half hour to get down. Just running.

11:31 We didn't really talk too much about your your family and your heritage. Can you explain or detail out where our families came from? You can involve Nana as well? Just want to know more about your grandparents and your parents.

11:52 My address place I can go.

11:55 As far as I can go back on my on both my dad and my mother.

12:00 It's not my grandmother's I knew both of my grandmothers and and my grandfather on my mother's side because my grandfather on my dad's side.

12:15 He passed away when my dad was 14 years old, so I never I didn't know him.

12:21 But my my grandfather and mother sides he was tall but six.

12:27 Real real light complexion blue eyes name on the mother side of her. Maiden name is Ramona Solis.

12:45 Then on my other side her maiden name was Julio Sanchez.

12:52 And then I had to renew three or two 303 uncles.

13:03 And I finally met one of my one of my cousins in Mexico, but I went in 1947 when we make that I went to Mexico. I'm at one of my one of my cousin of my one of my uncle's daughter's that but that could meet the other one because it took three days to come back down from the mountains. So then they know her but I knew one of them.

13:30 And they were I think he said Grandpa was your grandfather. My father was

13:37 It was they were Maya Indians. They were electric calling by westex, but they have the Maya Nation.

13:46 My father was really dark.

13:52 And now my grandmother and my my grandmother and my father's side has she died in the keep pests away in 1939?

14:04 And my grandmother on my mother's side.

14:07 My mother passed away before my grandmother.

14:11 After my mother passed away in 1948. My grandmother passed away in a few lady a few years later.

14:24 Married 1947. When did you guys meet?

14:29 All the first time I saw them was when I was in 1934.

14:34 And my dad because my dad and her dad used to go boozing around together and Brawley, California until after a while. He was like my father until after he got married. He separated from the Gang.

14:56 And what was your first impression of of Nana?

15:01 Well, if they move into in 1938 that move into the ranch with the same as we were leaving and I know I'm doing pretty well at that time. I was I was just saying cheaper to take care of sheep and

15:20 And her brother used to go out there with me and we used to cook up in a field and eat and go have breakfast out there.

15:28 And now

15:29 And then 1939.

15:32 My my dad might in a family went by what I went up north to San Jose to pick the fruits and Aladdin and then my

15:43 My dad came back by myself.

15:48 And Mister Brownell the Rancher ask my dad's request Polo my brother Jose. He's coming later on.

15:57 If he got any flip the bus got mad, and he said well, I don't need you no more if I heard my dad.

16:05 So after that, my dad had been working. My phone was thirty something years there. And so we move into town.

16:14 And I feel bad. We were renting a house in there.

16:18 And then.

16:21 Do you have met the man makes taquitos? She was a he won't have to vs. Store there.

16:27 Any answer what is your there was a house in there at three bedroom house with unit on two lots.

16:33 It was pretty pretty bad needs a lot of fixing. So he asked my tell my tell my dad wanted to buy that house over there.

16:44 The first one

16:47 Michelle McCullough

16:49 Which she was my teacher from for 4th and 5th grade?

16:54 So my dad asked told me how you go go up there and ask her if she wants to sell the house. So I went out there and asked her she said yes, so, so I said, I want you to meet with me at my house.

17:05 Got tonight, you know after school, so we went out there to talk to her and kiss all up the key Solas up the house in the two lots for $400 no down $35 a month. He said if you don't have the money, don't worry about it. You can always pay. Thank me. Later.

17:26 Yes, we took over for me to pick it up.

17:30 And then

17:32 When I went in the army.

17:35 When I went into the army.

17:38 Hey, I was sending money to my dad room for him to use whatever he wanted in the housing, but he didn't spend it. He put it in the bank when I got this year. He asked me. What do you want to do with the money? I said what money?

17:56 What's up, what money you send me know? I'll save it for you. And that's your what what is the thing you want to do most?

18:06 To the house bill for more rooms. Will there's a money use it.

18:12 Then I would have I had a couple of times they send me a number send me $300 and I gave it to him.

18:21 Keep on.

18:29 One of those would you like that that that be kind of wet backs illegal. Alien. Anyway, he was a good guy.

18:38 So we have you started that we helped him build the thing my brother Chando. He's the one that did the electrical in the house are in the four rooms.

18:49 And then that was it to refinish the house and everything.

18:55 I think we were talking earlier and you mentioned what your earliest memory was. Would you like to share that with us now marriage in them?

19:08 At the ranch

19:10 All that they were when I came back from the Army my wife, but they were not there. They were up north.

19:20 And I was walking down the street with still in that uniform and

19:27 It was a white car parked out there and I had a good look at it with that. Look familiar.

19:37 Have a nice time. I saw my wife.

19:40 He was barefooted hair all over the place with a rest on a bicycle riding around in a bicycle and I

19:54 And this time I don't spend looking at that. I recognize them.

19:59 My God, I can't believe I can't believe a change of my wife.

20:06 He was really beautiful.

20:09 Hey brother, right here Horizon. I meant to get in there was it and that some of her friends were telling me later that?

20:26 He was just a little girl yelling. I know that.

20:32 What do you care if it's just business when I said merry how to find what do you think I've dated together. And finally, I popped the question you were the rings. Of course at that time. I try to give her some real $29 rings.

20:59 But later tonight later later in the years. I bought her from new rington.

21:04 Find out what years later I bought a $3,000 rings.

21:12 When you were married, you started your family pretty soon after that time.

21:23 Bad before my first daughter was born today when I went to miscarriages.

21:28 So I should be at 6 instead of 4.

21:33 Hello bonita para bingo in Santa Monica Hospital in there. And then when I second miscarriage and I need to wrap and everything, and then finally he got pregnant with my first daughter.

21:50 And then turn 49.

21:54 Candy was born in 49?

21:57 Do you know Junior was born in 50?

22:01 My daughter shall I was born in 51.

22:05 And after that we

22:09 We never said we were going to stop there. But then in 1955.

22:16 Bearing up, Yeah, I'm pregnant.

22:29 What's crate?

22:32 Some of the other things that I was curious about was

22:38 When you first move to Los Angeles tell us about some of the stories when you you lived here in Los Angeles after after the war before the war over here at I move in we were moving in with one of my cousins for a while.

22:57 And we got one of her sons got into a relationship with my wife though. We moved out to with my uncle and then with one of my cousins and funny and funny my wife andalou house. We move into the new house and we live after that. My first job was with my first job that I can I move over here. I guess I'll sewer pipe to bring in Santa Monica.

23:24 I did not open a 1954 Weaver call into the army.

23:30 Who acne back at you went back to work for the same company, but then I was having a little problem with the foreman there.

23:40 Then a friend of mine that I used to know the used to work there before.

23:45 Yeah, I talked to him one time. I saw him an Ocean Park one time and he asked you I asked him what he was looking for. She was looking for two guys.

23:56 To work in a machine shop somewhere, but at night I put the job and went to work in the Machine Shop.

24:01 And I worked there for about 6 years.

24:04 Then they laid me off the first time they called me back and then they laid me off again. So what I did I just

24:13 When to put in application for the city of Santa Monica

24:17 But I worked at where I started with the blue buses.

24:22 But then I got transferred to the recreation and Recreation and then they put the recreation and parks together. So I went to put my other application for parks and I went through the back of a groundsman.

24:39 And I was in a section of in the Palisades Park for about 5 years where I met my friend bill and my other friend John Kelly.

24:49 Bill montalto and John Kelly and we got together therefore. We used to go out and have lunch together.

24:57 And I came to the Three Musketeers.

25:03 Who were you up? Those three musketeers curly apophthegm?

25:18 Kelly Kelly Jim Kelly's 60647 East Twelve Irish men and and Bill is this a girl about 5757 and I'm 5 foot foot too soon as I would like.

25:41 And finally, I put another application at the operator.

25:47 And I'm at that time I am.

25:51 I was at my son will head out. I had a motorcycle Triumph motorcycle and he was telling me it was going to sell it to my younger brother Chico. So I took it for a ride.

26:05 We're at bovina for last rites of before he sold it and that was my last ride because a doctor American turn in front of a car and I got hit.

26:15 I got banged up pretty bad. I got something up so bad that the doctors and they they told me that I could not.

26:27 I could not do the work anymore. So they retired me on disability and I've been on this phone this shit on disability since 1976 all of your knee trouble, right? We've had how many surgeries on your

26:46 Do operations on my left knee? That's the one but the one we just did they took the floor out the second time they replace to me.

26:57 On my right knee that had to replace that 7 times.

27:02 And it didn't work.

27:04 So that the other the NBA's operation on my right knee it's when they remove.

27:10 The artificial knee so I don't have no other yards in my knee.

27:14 I like you.

27:20 I think a lot of people are amazed by that how strong and resilient you. Are. You are very crafty. You are you're very skilled.

27:32 One of the

27:35 The things that I like because we still live around here is driving around and looking at a particular Street and you'll say

27:48 I planted those trees and I you know, I worked on that that yard. I I really enjoy the sense of our history in this in this area. So maybe you could share with us some of the moments that you've enjoyed around Los Angeles whether they be from work or from friends or are you can talk about your favorite Watering Hole Watering Hole what used to be watching The Boulevard in Venice now, it's McKinley. They change it to McKinley.

28:30 There

28:32 In 1950

28:35 I had to make my cousin's I got to see us.

28:40 And that's where I met my where I'm at. My barber in the in the Big 5. There was a whole bunch of us that we used to go to the big five and

28:51 And you don't just talk and drink and all that.

28:55 And then what's the name of the owner what they found the other Dead one day.

29:02 Are but then somebody else took the party, but they weren't at the same at all like an electric dryer play Johnny will not the same hand.

29:15 Now that I've been going through my barber every once in awhile, I get well this one so tight, you know

29:21 There was a farmer has not bought the elders I did.

29:25 And

29:27 Just last week.

29:30 Just last week when I'm

29:33 The third cousin said we used to drink together. He just passed away last week and then Jake Garcia.

29:42 Albert Albert died back in the 60s or 70s

29:55 He passed away up in Mexico.

30:01 What do you think or what would you consider one of the happiest moments in your life?

30:07 But I married my wife.

30:10 And where you were and you were born but then my kids were born in that City where you were born.

30:21 Yeah, only one granddaughter and and one grandson so

30:27 Well, but what about the saddest moment?

30:30 The saddest moment. Like I said this one.

30:35 That's when I was in England 1945.

30:40 When my brother Kendall it was in Italy.

30:44 He wrote me a letter that I got two sisters and a cousin were killing in 1940 and New Year's and 45.

30:52 And like I said, I didn't know that until 6 months later. That's what I thought.

30:57 I went to the Red Cross and you don't start talking to the Red Cross to find out what happened to you.

31:05 Did you have anything in the ER?

31:08 Career that you would have wanted to do differently or in your life that you'd wanted to do differently.

31:15 When in the war

31:17 Why in the world would I really wanted to never give it to me?

31:23 It was that I wanted to be a gunner on a B-17.

31:28 And they never when I get this off, but I was spent 17 days straight and KP.

31:37 The first seven days they gave the the they gave it to me the next 7 days I volunteer.

31:44 Because I wasn't about to go send out there at 5:30 in the morning. Company Street.

31:51 Friesian

31:53 And then

31:56 After that

31:58 Some guy was going out and it was on KP was going on furlough, so they asked me if I wanted to put the three more days that was left over.

32:06 Turn into a piece I said, yeah, I'll take it.

32:09 Cancel the message and ask me. What's up with you? You've been disappointed this evening for something.

32:20 But I do I really didn't know.

32:22 Most of them are really into the KP they pull me over. They put me to cook cooking in the stove in a black maid and all that. They put me to cook. So he said well as I said, okay, so I was a cook.

32:39 In the Korean War I was a mess sergeant.

32:42 And I've been in the Second World War ll was just a lowly.

32:48 PFC

32:50 Praying for civilian

32:57 And nobody about it in Miami life in there.

33:00 Just want to be a Gunner Gunner because in for 1942.

33:10 I was going to volunteer with Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor House volunteer right away, but my mother said no you wait until your call. So I waited.

33:21 At that time when I was 142 when they were president people in there, man, they were building up the Air corps.

33:30 But I had a chance, but I sent there in Fort MaCarthur.

33:35 They asked me if they were asking him for the you wanted to the army of the Marine Corps or whatever you wanted to do. So.

33:43 But I want the Navy I want the Navy first.

33:48 They put me in the airport. I stay there. I mean when I get out of there, but I wanted to be a gunner but they never gave me the chance.

33:56 Will some of the other questions I had.

34:00 They are a little bit more simpler. I guess. What is your favorite song?

34:09 That donut one song they have more than one.

34:16 It's about the same men.

34:18 Okay.

34:19 General General Francisco Villa division

34:29 Revolutionary the warning Mexico from 1910 through 1927 like that. Any songs are about him the song about him. What's the name of that song?

34:43 Oh that there's a

34:46 The Tomb of the two Maria

34:50 And now

34:53 The battle of celaya

34:56 And then... The song about my buddies buddies horse yesterday was

35:05 Do you have any regrets in your life?

35:09 No, I live a good life.

35:14 Are there anything what what are the I'm sure there are many things but what are some of the things that you still want to do or places that you want to see or things that you plan to do in the future?

35:32 Tomorrow today love you. Just got to leave the next day will equate wake up the next day. What do you want to do? Do you want to go see any other places or

35:47 Visit any other people, but I really like to go back.

35:56 Yeah. Yeah go back to England.

35:59 To the place where I was at.

36:02 Cuz I was going to when we went down there.

36:06 Our Squadron the 55th Fighter Squadron was stationed with the RAF, but whether the air base near Stamford that's close to close to petersboro.

36:17 And then a couple of months before D-Day.

36:22 They put us back to King's club which was up with the rest of the group, which is the 77th and the 79th Fighter Group buttons.

36:33 When we when I get this off and in Riverside

36:38 They had the P39.

36:40 And then went when we went overseas with it. We went with the P-38 and two weeks after D-Day we came up with the 50 once and that's why we have to be when I left, but I was in England War ended.

37:01 Well, I think we're about done with time. But I wanted to give you the opportunity to ask any questions or if there's something that you wanted to detail out go ahead and do that now.

37:17 Well

37:19 Nothing much, except o

37:26 Well, actually we are we are descendants of the of the Mexican Revolution.

37:35 My my my father so my father in this older, brother.

37:42 They kept the United States and cross the Rio Grande on the tail of a mule cuz he couldn't swim.

37:50 And not but my younger Uncle my uncle Cruz.

37:56 He didn't he stay there. He joined he joined the forces of General via.

38:01 And he fought against the government.

38:05 And then

38:08 I got the general that the general that was flipping through the state of Port Jervis pottery.

38:16 Was it cuz if we was the equivalent of 4-star General here in the United States?

38:23 So my dad and my older brother and his older brother came back over here and let them Bible. Please stay there any join via and

38:35 Ended up city of Juarez, Mexico

38:39 Mango Cruiser fj40 for yourself where a person bus

38:46 Electric trying to get out of United States General Pershing. Draw. I got carbon between the crossfire the federals and Eustis.

38:59 And you know, they're there was shot up pretty bad because my mother at that time she was a teenager and she was still in El Paso and they wouldn't let nobody comes close to Depot in that railroad Depot because they're all the Venetian blinds on the train cars up there. They had him close because they don't see how badly that the soldier word for shut up cuz they were around.

39:22 Their natural Darkman from the state of Arizona and New Mexico and Texas

39:32 National Garden to chase that are trying to capture via but they never say never saw him.

39:41 Leah a bunch of really what you call a gorilla Warfare

39:48 Get him once and they took off him again took off. I guess they never give a chance.

39:55 Of the other sources the Bears are did.

39:59 So what what they did?

40:02 The Mexicans they bury the dead, but they took that uniforms.

40:08 Andy transform some of his men like like American soldiers

40:14 And they think they need to the Stars and Strikes from the ground there and the pilot that went flying airplanes that came down and down and landed there and he captured him.

40:24 He wants to know how to read a right, but he had a

40:30 Brain, didn't he was a strategist so, you know how to fight.

40:38 He had he had one and one soldier. He was a lieutenant in the Mexican Army.

40:45 Week 3 NFL

40:49 He didn't like what the government was doing to the people. So he deserted and he joined blank trivia.

40:57 And he looked to be with you could be one of the best in the world.

41:05 Because for a pointed at the cannon shell Fab Atlantic really good.

41:14 Have fun. One day when they finally surrendering are they really going to end it?

41:22 He kept the United States, but healthy want to go to Mexico and federal government. Call them.

41:28 I tried him and put him against the wall and children.

41:32 Philippe Angeles

41:37 On my mother's side.

41:42 The president Kaya's he was a president and the clothes are examples.

41:48 That was a 1926 rear wheel. Where there are we ever had a Visa for six months. So that was only five years old.

41:57 And I can I can still remember the day we went to school. I can still remember the split up where the charger was that in the street for me so that I might like to live.

42:07 Venice band at 3 months be what school they're two or three months because set the timer.

42:13 When they close at temples and them and the Christians got up on arms and they did for the government.

42:23 Let me know at once that which is part of the Maya Nation.

42:39 My mother was Mexican part of Spanish descent.

42:45 My mother was real real light complexion. That was dark.

42:56 When she was

43:00 When she was

43:02 Oh, yeah.

43:05 She was born I went out there and

43:10 Give them. They're looking in there and then.

43:15 Did my first granddaughter?

43:20 And I

43:22 I used to carry her.

43:25 Candy move over to Candy move over to

43:30 Do Bakersfield?

43:32 And in Charlotte her mother took her down there where I left over there and he came up here if he was working over here. And Candy was taken care of of her that you

43:43 And now

43:45 I used to get off on now on Friday night Friday from work for the city of Santa Monica.

43:52 And I used to go out there and take a shower and dress and then I've got in my car and went over to Bakersfield.

43:58 Saturday morning I went up there and when I got there they were.

44:04 Where they were living in Bakersfield that accept the car park the car and got out.

44:13 And I was saying what what way can they pick her up everything? So why haven't I got it as high as everybody I said how you and I and the first thing I did was pick her up.

44:24 Pick up and I put her on my shoulders and she would turn around and say everybody needs somebody to pick me up.

44:34 Guess I actually

44:36 A chocolate racer

44:40 I used to take care. I used to take the girl.

44:45 But I don't know disability.

44:49 I used to take her out.

44:51 I used to take it for walks up and down in the park.

44:55 My friend bill

44:59 And that something she got the ornery that you would listen.

45:04 So what I did to go to look for a little weed and she was scheduled on a little weed.

45:15 And after that I used to take her to school.

45:19 All right. That was pretty quick and put them enough once in awhile, and I used to go up there and go pick her up.

45:30 And now I will take around have I have something to look at?

45:35 Add a snack or something.

45:39 And then after that I used to go pick my my grandson from school to but I would pick her first and we can go to either to go eat first and then go pick my grandson. Yeah, it was a little shaken up until now.

46:02 By the airport airport

46:20 And that they kiss.

46:22 And she is but little girls.

46:27 Even though I Tower over you now.

46:31 How is it that your grandfather your grandfather right was six foot something and you're like five foot nothing.

46:41 My grandmother on my mother's side my grandmother on my dad's side.

46:48 We're about four foot eleven.

46:53 And that one of my uncles was real short.

46:57 You are you look at your uncle Dino.

47:00 You looking at Banco truce?

47:04 The eyes that way he walks everything and Jessica was like your mom and same temper.

47:20 My parents were strict with us. They were really strict.

47:26 This week we used to go to Mexicali a lot. And that's why we learn we learned that we learned to write and speak Spanish by ourselves cuz we used to read read over there and we were saying something that we didn't correct my dad or my mom.

47:46 With the correct us. You'll do it. You don't say that you said this way?

47:51 My dad and my mother didn't have too much schooling.

47:58 But you just see there and let you see their handwriting.

48:02 Both of them. You have beautiful handwriting.

48:07 And I Love You by handwriting.

48:17 Can you call your grandfather?

48:21 I guess I was.

48:25 I was remembering.

48:31 Yeah, I was I was remembering the moments.

48:36 Fre

48:39 I was just thinking about.

48:42 How to know he's just he's just my favorite I pick a word.

48:54 Yeah, he's the government of his daughter's Malone goes. I don't know. What what it means.

49:01 But he called him alone cuz the way I feel a little

49:07 I love my brother something that might be anybody and I used to call her my balancas.

49:17 Because my daughter start going to hey, boo boo, boo, boo.

49:28 Becky was Mark, you're not going to tell the couch story. No, no, no, no, no, no no, no, no.

49:34 And I'm her favorite thinking it was her favorite.

49:48 That's just mean if I can remember back to when she would she would go out to this song this Pub. That was just down the street called popcorns to go do your thing that she was young and I remember her girlfriends would be there and and they would tell me that I remember going and flushing the toilet and coming back out. She was gone and my grandmother and grandfather be there at night. I would cry and cry and I'd sit on the couch and cry and cry and cry until I just couldn't breathe and finally my grandmother would take me to the kitchen and make me like rice pudding or something. So there would always be something great waiting for me after but I remember being very sad about that. I honestly I don't want to see if it will take

50:41 But it did need something that I don't want anyone hurt to do. You can say it you can say it. I asked if you want to go to the bathroom.

50:58 Are you sure you want to go to the bathroom?

51:03 What you sit down and pee pee on the couch.

51:07 Hen night. I got mad a night and I spanked her.

51:12 And she was not there by the window. I feel so bad that I almost started crying myself.

51:23 So what type of after I got to go get dressed and replaced with regular dress and everything and I took her out there in the car and what time frame and everything.

51:36 That's the only thing that I ever expected and I have never

51:41 Lea Lea joke a lot

51:45 But she has never been disrespectful for me like my grandson.

51:50 My grandson told me.

51:53 Have you?

51:56 I'd like to my face.

51:58 Linda he is disrespectful feeling.

52:09 What are you most proud of about your granddaughter?

52:13 Just Bart.

52:15 Really smart

52:19 Real real smart

52:25 I think he's going to check. I think she took a took after my my kid brother Chico my brother killed or baby, Jacob because my dad was killed or so we can chill or chico Chico State if they're like that.

52:46 He's my brother. He had what you call a photostatic mind.

52:52 What he got in when he got in his head and stay there and when you need it, and he got it out.

52:57 And he was working for.

53:01 It was working for TRW engineer for TRW.

53:06 Then one night I got a call from the sheriff's department it about my brother Chico, but it died.

53:14 And he had a head. He was driving a van that the company has given him.

53:19 And the hit all the secrets in there.

53:24 Lot of Secrets, he was a project. They killed it was called Alpha.

53:30 So when he died, he took a lot of

53:33 A lot of things on his head

53:47 No, this is just not ready.

53:55 What can I tell actress login?

53:58 And I have a lot of fiber.

54:02 Looking for apartment that I came over here and start working on when I work working at this machine shop. I start learning how to use the would you call this a

54:17 Micrometers to measure the depth and everything and they make me a lesbian Spectre or their place.

54:27 Do you want to say anything to your granddad before we sign over there and see what you like best about him his ears and his big ears. I'm lucky that they took him to the mother.

54:46 Except for Jessica. She has your nose. She had your nose you both have the same nose, but

54:52 Yeah, I think um.

54:55 He was my dad.

55:04 I love you. I love you too. And you're my you're my like I say, you're my baby. You're my little girl My Little Girl.

55:14 But I got an I've got another goddaughter in Mexico that I'm every once in awhile. I give her money to for her studies.

55:26 What about JJ and Anna? Oh, yeah, I got the last two friends.

55:32 The temperature dropped at family

55:42 Yeah, a lot of times that I want to go to the doctor, but I always making my appointments on Tuesday because that's what those are his days off and he takes me down there to us, Santa Monica.

55:54 And if I wanted to do that someplace else he always takes me that weight by Charlie Dunn has got to put the work to take me this place beside Charlotte will not let me drive.

56:06 I drive around town here.

56:08 I am up an employee just of the stores and that's it. But if I wanted to drive him over there to here, she said no.

56:18 Thank you, sir. Album Sorry, I'm stupid.