Milena Muzquiz and Stephanie Taylor

Recorded January 29, 2009 Archived January 29, 2009 37:58 minutes
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Milena Muzquiz (31) is interviewed by her friend, Stephanie Taylor (37) about growing up and her move to the U.S. from Tijuana when she was in elementary school.

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Milena was born in Tijuana, Mexico; mother was born in Veracruz; father was born to a family of horse breeders in Muzquiz, Mexico
Milena describes herself as an “outcast” character; divorce; didn’t know how to speak English when she moved to San Diego; San Diego in the 80s, she felt the racism
Dealing with not knowing how to speak English; television was important; ear for comedy; music was important
story about Milena deciding that she want to eat only strawberries and cream for breakfast; family went on a road trip through Mexico
Milena was sent to pack tortillas at a tortilla factory; description of the tortilla factory


  • Milena Muzquiz
  • Stephanie Taylor