Siegfried Buss and Frieda Nossaman

Recorded October 12, 2009 Archived October 12, 2009 37:22 minutes
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Siegfried Buss (78) talks with daughter Frieda Nossaman (?) about being a German missionary living in Japan.

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Siegfried talks about being born in Japan to German missionaries. He spent three years there before his family visited Germany. He then went back at attended German school in Japan.
Siegfried talks about not being able to play with Japanese children because it was forbidden by law. This was during WWII.
Siegfried tells a story about meeting the Japanese emperor after WWII had ended. He recalls democracy taking effect and the Japanese emperor touring Japan to console his people.
Siegfried talks about repatriation of Germans after WWII and remembers leaving for the United States from Japan and meeting his wife Edith who was an American from Virginia.
Siegfried tells a story about his pet cow “Kushi.” The cow was a very important part of his family and the German community in Japan.


  • Siegfried Buss
  • Frieda Nossaman