Etelvina Hernandez, Monica Garcia, and Maribel Barrera

Recorded December 10, 2009 Archived December 10, 2009 40:28 minutes
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Etelvina Hernandez (81) is interviewed by her daughters, Monica García (47) and Maribel Barrera (45) about her childhood in México, her life in the U.S. and her job with Mary Kay Cosmetics.

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Etelvina nació en Michocan; su abuela; no le gusta el rancho
getting trouble in school; started working at 14 years old; hours she worded; money that she earned
making food: tortillas and cookies in the middle of the night; making lunches for her children everyday
introducing Mary Kay to la gente Hispana without literature in Spanish; Etelvina translated all of the Mary Kay materials into Spanish
“Dios primero, familia segunda, negocios tercera”; su fé viene del tiempo en escuela con las monjas
Como te sientes de tus hijos?; un chiste


  • Etelvina Hernandez
  • Monica Garcia
  • Maribel Barrera

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MobileBooth West


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00:05 Sunny Garcia Tangled wouldn't I see it? It's almost in Houston, Texas is so oil company near Montgomeryville Eco me mama, etelvina.

00:23 Minimalist Maribel Barrera that is Celsius is a sympathy loss meal is Thomas in Houston, Texas. Yo soy la hija de Catalina Hernandez.

00:42 Me nombre de la Vina Hernandez.

00:47 Then what you thought you knew that?

00:52 Oh, yes, India City cm

00:59 Nussie rapper Michoacu00e1n in Houston, Texas is the Mosaic, Houston, Texas.

01:06 Eufaula Mama Israel. I'm a man.

01:11 Monica Monica, Maryvale

01:15 Okay, Mama list almost get into a Tomar. Una Historia De Tu nacimiento de tu crecimiento. Tuna CiCi's in La Palma Michoacan in Mexico Game Boy Lo Que que que Persona puede la persona Que te Creo near Walla Walla.

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01:58 El horario de la Colonia

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03:46 Ithaca The Odyssey

03:54 Con las manos en la Cara.

04:01 Billy Cinco minutos para Que salga

04:06 General Billy Cinco minutos, Mas

04:36 Eye of the Tiger on Escuela

04:48 Yellow Gatorade

04:52 It is Antonio Ramos, and where to find them.

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14:31 Dulce Jose Jose Amiga with you and Monica motivated Yaki lace up to Carlos Carlos.

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21:58 What is gardnerella Esteban Papito Percy conocer are very gay supposed to marry people they speak with Mary Kay CC. Do not require visas to go in trash.

22:58 How many seats did?

23:14 Play Lulu Lulu Lulu. Mr. Ash Ash the mister Ashley Spivey director in Houston.

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38:07 Mama tikka. Masala gracias por Tu fan Dias Familia para Todo Tu SU sacrificios

38:18 What's a Primera Madre level consultant a director and Mary Kay Eaton the motivation for a positivo in West Revere has an alarm company of the Mary Kay it but I used a sus familias que se puede ser.

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39:33 Okay, Big Island ideas with Mary de la confianza a las mujeres de golpes nunca tu que Bueno El matrimonio scl1 think they made out and see they don't know. I love you. I love you Mama. I love you.