Theresa Lothspeich and Sylvan Loegering

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Theresa Lothspeich, 76, talks with brother Sylvan Loegering, 71, about their memories of growing up on a farm with 12 other siblings.

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SL remembers when a tornado came and blew down their barn except for one corner, where a mare and her colt were huddled and somehow survived unscathed
TL & SL discuss the division of labor on the farm between the genders: girls did housework and boys worked the fields (once they were old enough).
SL remembers his first day of high school and getting picked on a lot until he put a sleeper hold accidentally on one of his tormentors
TL reflects on leaving home to finish high school; school showed her that there was more to the world than just the farm
TL & SL talk about their careers as adults


  • Theresa Lothspeich
  • Sylvan Loegering


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00:04 I'm Theresa last bike. I'm 76 years old. Today is August 23rd 2010. Where in Fargo North Dakota and I have my brother with me.

00:18 And I'm Sylvan loegering. I'm 71 years old. Today is August 23rd 2010 in Fargo North Dakota and their brother to my sister Theresa that just spoke.

00:30 Sylvan week had rather an interesting family life. We grew up in Sargent County North Dakota from a large family 14 children, but our first what I remember from when I was 3 years old, but the one house that really impressed us was the small house which was like 16 by 16 with a lean-to that was about 6-speed the bedrooms were very small.

01:00 8 by 7 kitchen living room whatever we had to do was in the rest of it. There were nine people living in the family. So then I remember you and our two older brothers slept in this lean-to. What do you remember about that place in that bed where your bed was? I don't remember the bedroom. I remember they were talking about the Benson place. I remember the bedroom and if any part of the inside of the house, I know what they outside yard was like where the house at where the water tank was in the barn the other buildings, but I couldn't tell you anything about the bedroom. I stepped in when I was okay. It wasn't the bedroom. It was just the pore space and you slept with Donald Drumm. You had heavy quilts Bullen cardboard on the walls. No inside wall. The frost would come in. I remember one time you were sick. So mom made me sleep out there with Donald and

02:00 Because there was no room in the house you evidently got well, but we remember many things about that farm and and the horse that got sleeping sickness the young horse. I remember print the end and how he survived that you want to tell about the barn. Yeah. We had a tornado show up on the place and and what I hear about older brothers was if they were in the putting the cows in the barn and Dad all the sudden came out started turning the cows loose chasing him out of the barn call the boys to run to the house where there's a tornado came. All the cows were out of the bar out of the barn. We were in this little Cellar underneath of the floor and I remembered even though I was probably three

02:48 And what happened to the barn? Was it blew down except one corner stayed intact that had the floor of the him all over and underneath that corner was a horror of our one of my mares and a little Colt then they survived unhurt and that's the little horse that Teresa was talking about a second ago that said the only way to make him survive was to keep him standing up and put ice on his head while when you are out in the country with no Refrigeration no place to get ice somehow the straw that they had used on that Barn had flowing off the north side of the barn and as they moved that straw there was ice underneath from the snow. This was in July and that ice is what saved that horse that could prop him up a little bit to why there was straw there.

03:44 After after the tornado that tore the barn down to four walls were still intact. So they fasten the four walls back together special woven wire cross at put straw over the woven wire. And if another woman way over the top cat has dry rough on this barn and Diamond ROM say it's rained for days after it rained because the water kept sleeping through the straw but that was a success drive it was there as I understand that the that actually help me keep the snow from melting. So it was so nice in the summer when Prince needed I sent his head

04:16 There was there was

04:19 It's hip to save their horses life and I still remember that another thing. I remember from that was when Dennis was born.

04:30 The doctor would come out to help deliver. So it was a in fact it was yesterday was his Sunday was his birthday. We were told to go and play out by the chicken coop, which was like two hundred yards or something from the house after he was born then we could go back to the house and see our new little brother.

04:53 Then there was just before he was born though. They had added on they moved some old house that had two rooms in it and added to our house and we had this extra 12 by 24 space which seems like a mansion.

05:08 We had water an Artesian. Well, so we didn't have to pump water it ran all the time. No water in the house. No spill clothes. No blade for anyting we start our clothes under the beds.

05:26 I remember moving that house. I was maybe three. I don't know before moving in or tractor didn't move it on horses couldn't like just walk off with it. So they find a hitch to the back of a truck as I remember it and then this truck was able to drive off and put them to get it into place that use the team of horses that talk it up against though the house so is close to the house. Probably the best team of horses in the Kingwood. Pool many stranded cars out. Remember I got pneumonia. I was seven and a half.

06:05 And dr. Hubbard came out everyday from Foreman which was about eight miles. I was delirious for four days. I was the only drugs they had with sulfa drugs. So after I got better was two weeks I was in bed. I was so weak. I couldn't even stand up by myself.

06:27 And Mom blamed herself, but she had been sick herself before she realized that I was sick, but this doctor was phenomenal he would come out.

06:37 House calls all the time cause he was a little short man. I think less than 5 feet tall.

06:47 Then we moved to a bigger place or dad had back up a little bit that Benson place. He had $8. He'd gotten a loan to get some horses and he had a couple towels and some geese but he had seven children $8 in his pocket in. This was in October when we moved that poor house. Mom hadn't even seen it before we move that day. There was so much dirt in there. They had you scoop shovels to scoop it out.

07:22 I remember and Jerome and I both were had fevers because we had smallpox shots.

07:29 But they just cleaned out this one little

07:32 7 by 8 bedroom so that they could put the little kerosene stove in the cook and we all had to sleep on the floor in that room that night.

07:41 So the next place seem big butts seem big. The main part of that house was 24 ft Square no basement in that 24 square feet. There was two bedrooms living room and dining room kind of attached with a large doorway between and then stuck up in the side of that was a kitchen. That was I'm a I'm taking 9 by 12 by 20 but there was a kitchen besides 24 foot square night for the report. I bedroom for the boys bedroom for the girls and Mom and Dad slept in the living room is born at that place. And also Angie negates the Twins were born. There was so are the rest of them.

08:25 But by the time I came along Donald was gone to the service to remember Mom saying I said when Donald goes to the service, then we can move the crib out of the living room. We won't need that in there anymore. And she said she hasn't even gone yet. Don't talk about that.

08:44 Yep.

08:48 Right

08:52 It was dryland farming. They do only crap. You got a new money from would be wheat. There was a little bit of barley for feed little bit of voice for feed. Sometimes have barley was sold and then they would usually cut some corn bundled up so I could feed it to the guy was in the winter time, but it was mostly wait for money once in awhile get plants and flax and get money for that. But an awful lot of the crafty ways with ending up using for feed for the the few animals that we had the land we had they bought the 1/4 that was very poor land near Brampton County. It was our grandpa may always said you moved too far west. We got out of the Red River Valley.

09:38 So I take it to give me ideas size of farming maybe a dozen mean to think of the city folks, but we were away with my dad. Our dad was buying a quarter of land hundred sixty acres of land is half a mile square and then depending on the year. He was renting one other quarter or to other quarters and trying to make a living for Mom Dad and 14 kids off that little bit of land.

10:02 They sold view eggs and cream cream with add. The cream separator was in the kitchen was interesting the first washer. I remember was when I was only about 3, and we lived in Matador. It was one with the lever on the side of the tub. You'd have to push it back and forth to make the agitator work then later. We had the gas one gas-powered and you couldn't do that out in the porch because it was so cold in the winter time. So it had to be moved in the house and you always had to have that exhaust pipe running from the gas motor outdoor is so we wouldn't get asphyxiated so she didn't wash clothes every week and use the washboard.

10:47 I did you did. I didn't I did that. So what especially did you remember work you had to do well jobs were different the the girls did all the housework the guys did the outside work and but this never seem fair to me when you were little boy and not big enough to work on the frame. You had to help with the dishes that did not seem right well because the men did the field work in the women did the did the housework and ask guys got stuck with housework for weren't big enough to do the fieldwork said just didn't seem right.

11:31 Well, I found out the hard way didn't make much difference when I was 10. I was put to work driving team of horses on a dump rake actually team of horses pulled me around the field knew what they were doing. And I was the passenger. I didn't know more than I did but the next morning after I've done that for a day.

11:50 Jesus was to help with the dishes and the gardening. That's right pulling weeds. Whatever you doing in the gardening and Mom says well go help in the garden as well. I'm working the field now. Just not this morning. You're not.

12:03 So it didn't help a whole lot when you're 10 years old to be helping out in the field some once in awhile.

12:10 We had a big garden and did a lot of canning. Mom had a pressure cooker the out to have the pep talk and the gauge she would take every year to have the extension service check it because without the pressure cooker, you can't cook meat and preserve it in the green beans everything she did in the pressure cooker and produce Seven Courts at a time corn was the hardest to do to courtyards. Maybe it's okay. If it was too course, it would hold only for where we stored. It was in this little hole in the ground about the size of this little

13:00 Routeware in

13:02 With steps going down on dirt floor is dirt walls. It did have steps going outside and there were shelves in there that we could use to put the food on and the nuns begin for the potatoes. But every spring it would get so wet down there at some of the potatoes would rot. The salamanders were crawling around the floor would be wet if you came down but you had to keep your feet up off the floor six to eight inches of water on the basement. That's where that's where we went. When this that was another tornadoes that we watched several tornadoes.

13:39 Buildings got damage from tornadoes there about how many times we had to go down into KeepSafe. I have to mention something about that can't even though I never thought about this at the time, but the only way we had to preserve anything and keep it from swelling West account because we had no refrigerator or freezer. No way to cool anything except hang it in the water tank maybe during the day so

14:01 You might remember the numbers Teresa but I've strikes me that there was like a hundred and twenty five quarts of peas 125 of beans out of 25 of carrots and probably more than that of mixed canned tomatoes. Not too many carrots. Okay, and then that had to be canned in the summertime when it goes right which means it's hot. So now she's running the stove to get the pressure cooker to cook on when it's hot already.

14:26 We did have a kerosene stove 3 burner kerosene stove that she could do some of the cooking I didn't have to use cooked but it was interesting that your hog. The whole thing was cut up and stuck into these probably those Denver to quart jars, but the entire animal is stuck in the jars and can and that's it was her food till the next year when we can butcher except for fresh chicken or fresh Goose once in awhile beautiful morning. We went to school about a mile and a half way in our neighbor was the teacher. She was the best influence any of us ever had but Dad came he says there's a storm coming get in the car.

15:14 He brought some of his kids home. He went back to the school to get the teacher and the rest of the kids. He got only back as far as our place. He could not get as far as their house to take them home.

15:27 So we had these extra three people at our house besides all of us there.

15:34 And her husband had gone to Britton South Dakota that day with another neighbor. We had a telephone and we listen to the radio anyone that was safe where there was a telephone. They would call the radio station say we are safe here. We didn't hear from them. I think they were at our house tonight. Today's a list of storm look up in the morning the snowbank as the roof all around the house and there hadn't been any before. Well that first night Mom said, what do you do for all these people? He went out and butchered a couple chickens. So we had chicken remember I still had to stretch it while we also have potatoes but her husband was say if they had found their stuff to the farm, but no phone.

16:21 That wasn't dad was also an innovator. He was the first one that had the phone put in at our place. He was the first one that where'd the farm for electricity and the neighbors didn't have the rate for electricity ended up wearing many farmsteads for electricity because if someone did it themselves,

16:47 They could I don't know how they got credit for had to be inspected did the actual wiring it was under their names. But what I remember about that was it there was some at one of the neighbors was a journeyman electrician at did the inspecting but he also wired houses and he learn to recognize dad's work and there was complaints because Dad to do it cheaper than he did know officially that the people wear their own houses with dad's help.

17:16 But he was disturbed because Dad was doing all this wiring that he didn't get to do and he knew it was Dad doing it, but it was down to the local farmer done his own and passed inspection. They went.

17:31 But prior to that was there was a time when we didn't have it at Krista at all in the house.

17:36 We did when we were in Matador. I don't remember that. That's all we had push buttons.

17:47 I think well, we mentioned earlier wish but she was the schoolteacher when we moved to this other place.

17:57 I was in 5th grade. There were all eight grades in the one school.

18:03 She had so much influence on everyone her favorite expression was there is no such word as can't.

18:13 We always had to try. I remember reading reports when I was in seventh grade. I just read books about South America and did a report just for fun about South America and to this day. I still remember things that I learned then she also was very fair when we were out in the playground one year. There were only four girls in the class or in the school the rest for boys.

18:39 Well, when you're one of our cousins was living close to us, she came to our school and she was the same age as I was so we started playing by ourselves at recess time.

18:51 She said you girls have to play with the wrist good lesson for me because she didn't want anyone to think they were better than anyone else. We played a lot of softball.

19:05 We played Cricket which would be outlawed now.

19:09 Fun game dodgeball dodgeball Fox and geese but the whole school played together anything we did it our was no division by grades.

19:24 When it was time for Christmas programs spring programs, everyone had a part.

19:31 Should I share part of my first part when I was first grade?

19:38 Carla came up with this thing for me to say and that this is what open the program that night. So here I am. I just turned 6 and she had me stand up and say it is with gratification.

19:49 Review The Splendid aggregation to have come up on your invitation to join in our Christmas jollification before before we get our demonstration of music and fun for yard Recreation. We hope to obtain your approbation remember the rest but it went on from there but we're just now this is where little kids we don't know what how to do things very good. And that was the start of the program that but for some reason that little thing stuck in my mind and I actually sort of had knew what it meant. Even if I was six years old, can she help me understand those words that I was saying? She was great. I remember one time. I think I was in 8th grade in this there were three other boys Twitter Boys in my class and the one boy, I just detested I'm looking back. I wasn't that bad. But in this play I had to pretend I really liked him. So I had to keep moving over closer to him on this bench. It was so humiliating but

20:40 It'd be fun to see him now and see if he remembers me.

20:47 See, I remember neighbor boy to a bris back. Now. There was a year older than me and I think it was that same Christmas it for Christmas party. I got a box of Cracker Jacks and then it was the little sheet metal stamp shape of a train locomotive and Bruce told me know if I take that home I could put wheels on an engine in it for you.

21:08 So I sent it home with him expecting get it back after Christmas vacation and didn't bring it back and didn't bring it back to find me. I told mrs. Witicha bought it Jesus. Well, did you really expect that? He could put an engine in that piece of 10. Does he know you have to learn to to think about things that people say they can do things so that you don't get yourself in a bind. She didn't help me get the train back which helped me understand that had to grow up a little bit and look out for myself some to you mentioned Bruce buckmiller that reminds me of

21:38 One thing that happened we were visiting at their house. He was sort of known as not really a wild kid, but he was unruly

21:49 So we were sitting there and I was out in the kitchen and mom was talking to his mom and his grandmother Bruce came in with this truck and he showed it to my mother and he says look at my truck and he started talking about this truck and both his mom and grandmother said get out of here. She's not interested in that.

22:09 Mom says I'm always interested in what children want to show me.

22:15 And they didn't say a word. So he continued at it was such a good lesson for me that you don't push kids away you no matter what you listen. It doesn't take as much ever to listen as it does to push him away and they will be satisfied and happy.

22:33 I wonder if she thought about the suffer little children to come unto me when she was doing that if it's just how she felt about things.

22:44 Not once did I ever hear her say anything negative about having so many children. I've never heard it never ever. She just accepted everyone loved everyone even though we never heard the word love it was

23:01 It was special. Another thing. I remember this was my grandmother we came when the Twins were little they help and it just stuck in my mind I decided then I will never lie.

23:20 We had just gotten the party line and Grandma was there and she said to us girls, you know, I heard that there's some women coming over and they want to see those Twins when they get home from the hospital. So she said clean the house.

23:34 So we were excited there were three of us girls that could do what we were cleaning and cleaning then she had as cleaning under the boys bad. That's where she slept and we got suspicious when no one ever came and I was so disappointed that my grandmother had told a lie. I thought I will not do that.

23:56 And I could probably count on one hand and he lies. I told that just made such an impression on me Ed but then the same visit our neighbor lady had our neighbors had lost a little girl. She had died and the neighbor was over crying and saying to my grandma.

24:17 Something about God. How does God let this happen? We don't have any kids and they have too many.

24:23 And grandma says it must be what God wants or it wouldn't happen.

24:29 So that rather erased some of the negative feelings I had about her.

24:36 And those two events in it was probably within a two days time. He have impressed me the rest of my life that we trust God.

24:46 And we don't tell lies your turn somehow I ended up with that same you don't tell lies concept which has stood me in good stead through the years, but I don't know any specific incident like that, but it was just somehow you just knew you don't lie.

25:05 I can't see anything bad happen when you did except the people were disappointed in you but that message was there and I think most of the family's pretty well lived with that all the way through my kids got it from me. I know.

25:17 That's what I you still Arkansas. If you tell lies people will not trust you without trust.

25:30 We didn't have money in our land was poor. So there were a few years when dad had good crops. That's when I went went to high school.

25:41 Sylvan and the others went to the small town in the folks wanted me to go to a Catholic High School. So I went to Saint Francis Academy in hankinson first two years. I stayed in a dorm and then I was stayed with a family in town.

25:57 For the last two years work for my room and board that was really an eye-opener to because I learned so much about Society. I learned about how to clean a house how to clean a bathroom. I had never clean the bathroom. We didn't have a bathroom. Just so many things that

26:15 You know how to entertain people how to cook a little bit differently and they raise their children different than ice all my brothers and sisters being raised and I thought those kids will be so spoiled, but they were not by my remember that first day of my high schooler. First of all rode into town with Dad. I was only one in the car with Daddy drop me off at the school.

26:39 And that was different because normally rode with him to the field but not to go to town if the whole family went to town if you went and I walked up to the school. At first. I look at this huge two-story building those poor rooms in it to Astoria two rooms on each floor and the 2025 kids scattered around the playground something came over. Who are you? So I told him my name or what grade are you in at 12? I was a freshman.

27:05 And then they were laughing back and forth. He says he's a freshman. Hahaha, you know well course I went to the freshman class. So it recess the same Boy comes up and we got high school Recess by the way would recess in the mornings in high school. But during recess the same way. I came over to me and he grabbed me around the neck knee shall be down on the ground shove my face in the ground and was saying say uncle I've never heard that expression before.

27:30 Say I'm calling doctor Morissette say I'm cold hardy Bush my face then going to find this is Uncle just because I didn't know what else to do, but then he was really I can beat up on this freshman kid. So the seventh grade boys were taking turns beating up on me consistently for a long time.

27:47 That was well, I guess I was young for my grade and small for my age. So there I was getting picked on a lot.

27:56 Did you learn to fight back? I had to grow a little bit first, but I did reach the point where I was a sophomore in puberty took over a little bit and I grew a little bit that they start giving me alone. But that same boy, I remember at one point he was Saturday what he wanted me to do.

28:16 But I said well if you're so smart as a knock this off my shoulder I put a gum wrapper something on my shorty knock that off and I grabbed him around the neck tonight headlock on him and held him in a headlock until he quit fighting. Lucinda fell down on the floor unconscious.

28:31 Without knowing that I put a sleeper hold of some kind on him.

28:36 One of the girls said you killed him and I'm sitting there like scared to death, but I think he'll be okay.

28:42 And if your second ear Adelaide you looked at me kind of funny you left me alone after that. It's interesting when I went to hankinson. I didn't even know where the tone why is it was during Harvest Time, so the folks couldn't take me so I had to take the bus on my first day of school going to boarding school.

29:03 And I saw two sisters walking on the street and I thought this must be hankenson. So I got off the bus and started walking South found the school and went in and I had just two dresses and didn't even have how I didn't know we were supposed to have her own washcloth and towel and all that stuff.

29:22 But the other kids many of them had gone to boarding school through 12 grades. So they knew each other and there were Town kids coming to write challenge. I found there were 12 girl sleeping in the door, which was interesting but I didn't have any close friends. We had study hall every night between 7 and 8.

29:47 And I could hear some of the girls saying what do you think about that new girl? I don't know if I like the way she wears her hair.

29:55 And I don't like it the way she raises her hand every time she knows the answer to a question. I found out that wasn't cool to know the answers, but I still kept raising my hand. I went through the same thing, but it quit raising my hand pretended. I didn't know.

30:13 But then mr. Walls or wood look at me. He know that I know the answers when nobody else answered if I need to point at me and I'll give you the answer but least I quit raising hands.

30:22 You know good.

30:33 Self and

30:35 Having to adjust to that it was for me, but when I look back it was a good experience because I found out there was more to the world than just the farm and the little little town. We went to church in Havana for a while. Then we went to Cogswell.

30:59 And even Cogswell seem big what would have been a hundred down. We are hundred people may be honored if it was closed.

31:10 But as I look back.

31:14 I think we got to be more productive because we were we did not have things we became creative if we needed something. We would find a solution.

31:29 How it happened to me along that line.

31:33 Maybe I took the rabbit route, but John Donald Trump been in that same High School prior to me than the good students. My older sister's side Teresa Rizal in Florence older than I am. I was number 6 in the family of 14. They were all good students conscientious obeyed did everything just the way they were supposed to do.

31:51 And I didn't want to be just another loegering. I wanted to be me so through High School, especially I rebelled a lot and did things.

32:03 Younger kids shouldn't be learning about now, but that was I was a rebel.

32:08 And well among other things.

32:14 Scaring teachers with knives

32:21 Not really lipping off but smart-alecky faces and I got one teacher some Eddie. I think he tried to kill me one day you told me had back hit me across the bottom of an Ecuador their nose with a side of his hand, but just kind of sassy, I don't know that it did anything mean but I just dissed enough to be a pain in the butt fact that same teacher. I saw him the first day that I went to my first teachers convention. I was walking up the steps to register as a teacher at he was coming down the steps.

32:49 Hi, mr. Handsome. You looked at mrs. Sylvan you've changed.

32:55 But then when I got into college at the same problem Diamond ROM attrition Rosella relay top grade points ever in the school, and I knew that I can learn the book stuff, but I thought what I really need to learn to get along with people cuz I have no people skills. I couldn't say hi to people my age, even if I knew him unless I said hi first so I spent most of my college Years hanging out and both sessions and playing card games just being around people and if I had time West a while, I would study but I really focused on

33:26 The people skill thing and so

33:30 In a sense. I have none coming out of the family. But now I find out that other people in the family somehow developed a lot of the same people skills and same attitude. So we all arrive at the same place eventually, I think.

33:42 I remember when I was in college, I was in the dorm. There were two groups of girls that the in group that I had money. I would always running out having dates and so on and then the other group that was more like me. So one night. I was in the one room with about four girls and I went over to the other the in-group and they start telling bunch of dirty stories. Not that I don't want to do that. So I went back to the other group never did try to join this in group where I could have probably had dates and so on but that was a turning point in my life. It was one of those branch points because I realized you don't have to be the popular kid.

34:25 To be happy. I know I wouldn't have been happy running with these other kids. It wouldn't have fit me.

34:33 A quick turning point that ties into the same thing we talked about with the fireman's year. I graduated from high school. I wanted to go to college talk to Dad about getting a job and it's well, the two older boys are gone. The younger boys aren't that much help in the field yet. We really need you one more year. If you could see your way clear Safari, but if you could see your way clear to helping us this summer if there's any kind of a crap, maybe we can help you with school in the fall. And that was the plan until probably mid-july when a hail storm came through and I was up really early. I thought cuz I came out of the yard to do chores. Dad came up said

35:08 There's been a hail storm come through. The farm. Dad says if you can find a job you might as well. There's nothing here for anybody this year. He found me a job working for the Neighbors on a firearm and then I did manage to get off to school and I didn't realize it at the time but at that point 16 years old, I was out of the house. I didn't live at home anymore. I get home for a weekend once in awhile their vacations, but I was basically on my own from that point on.

35:33 Right when I started teaching I had that scholarship to Ellendale. The scholarship was contingent on me teaching in a country school. If I didn't do that I had to pay it back was books wanted me to stay at home so I could pay room and board so I stayed home.

35:52 And paid them and I thought afterward I could have then I had to pay the scholarship back. Also, I could have still taught in a country school and paid them. In fact, that's what I did for several years would pay them every month. So I can't remember how much but because they had so many children in the family. They didn't need them all to claim for income tax. So I could always claim one of my sisters as a dependent because I was giving them money and I think Rosella also did that until he did that I know so they had some income besides for crops. Even when I was in Langdon. I was paying them every month.

36:39 So it was some a way we could help without it hurting anything.

36:47 Probably the closest I came to that is when the island ROM and I were all are teaching us down with my first year and we made arrangements to get Dad and Mom a brand new car and we split the $150 car payment three ways. We should be $50 a month so they could have their first day of a new car in their life and that's supposed to like him to pay in the folks anything. I think over there that is brand new car for a job. Well, that was after I got married. Then you have to the folks moved into Fargo. So the deal was that they were going to trade the tractor for used car Dad thought but we trade it in on a brand new one so he came down to get his what if I was going to be a used car and it would hear this brand new car sitting there and that's that's his car. He was speechless I believe it.

37:36 We're looking back. I don't know what part of our Lives was was the most important. I think just I was self-employed. I taught a couple years, but after I got married then when we had so many children I couldn't

37:55 Panera pay the babysitter. So I was self-employed for a 35 years, which is another whole dimension of living but I think as I look back I made money.

38:07 By saving money. I did so many things that we did not have to spend money on so it was like making money that we didn't pay taxes on and no one could ever prove how much what I did was worth.

38:25 But just being self-employed you have the self employment tax you have other state tax and federal tax most of it about half of my money went for taxes. But still it loudest you have extra things that we wouldn't have gotten without a self-employed thing accidentally desperation one summer when I was teaching school. I took a sales job just to pay the bills and I was terrible at sales, but I

38:53 Couldn't find anything else out of desperation. I just kept trying and trying and trying pretty soon the selling started working end up turning into a career change where I was self-employed in the sales business hiring and training people so on and so forth and

39:06 And I guess it would happen is all the sudden into years. My money went from Dublin my teaching salary to Dublin that number but it was never the money that made me do the things I enjoyed what I was doing. I enjoy helping people helping them grow and learn and do a good job and so mighty became secondary. It was never that big of an issue.

39:29 Hasn't been for me either and I can be content in a small house.

39:33 You know we could do this for another hour and a half we could we could but it's time to wrap it up the way it looks just really enjoyed this. I'm glad I called you about the Arts heard the project isn't reading the autobiographies and my goal is to finish it all up. This is been fine. I appreciate doing that, LOL.

40:01 We'll have to get together and celebrate your anniversary. Yes, you have a chorizo and I haven't, and we both celebrated their 50th anniversary in Teresa's was 5454 years ago 4 years ago pretty soon in mine was 2 days ago.

40:18 So it's been a great life and I hope we can live to be a hundred.

40:29 Thank you. Thank you much.