Jayne Hiett and Lisa Vetitoe

Recorded April 6, 2016 Archived April 6, 2016 36:58 minutes
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Lisa Vetitoe (58) interviews her mother, Jayne Hiett (87) about her childhood, growing up during WWII, and talks about raising her family.

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Jayne Hiett (87) talks to her daughter, Lisa Vetitoe (58) about being born in Kansa and tells where she grew up.
JH shares where she went to school and tells that she was a very shy kid who was bullied.
JH talks about having to move around after her father joined the military.
JH tells that her dad was involved in a top secret mission which he contributed in the work of building the atomic bomb.
JH remembers an instance where she noticed she was being followed around by an FBI agent.
JH talks about marrying her husband four months after meeting him and moving to TN.
JH remembers the animals in the house that they had and talks about the creek they had behind the house.
JH remembers how she get her nickname "Mama Jayne".
JH shares she's had a very interesting life and is happy to have been able to share it.


  • Jayne Hiett
  • Lisa Vetitoe

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