James Wells and Stacey Giroux

Recorded June 9, 2017 Archived June 9, 2017 39:42 minutes
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James Wells (47) talks to his wife, Stacey Giroux (38) about his former professor, John Wyatt who was his mentor and a great influence in his life.

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John Wells (47) begins to talk to his wife, Stacey Giroux (38) about his college career and being the first generation in his family to go to college.
JW shares stories that he would hear about his professor, John Wyatt that were at times exaggerated but had some grain of truth.
JW talks about Wyatt and the way that he in presenting himself, making himself available although he would sometimes be absent in class.
JW talks about starting to drink at a very young age and how at the time his alcoholism was a relief for him.
JW on his awakening and how Wyatt was his aspirational influence of who he wanted to become.
JW shares stories about Wyatt and his grounded experience like being in the military.
JW explains the different ways Wyatt impressed him with his own ideal realism.
JW on starting to write about his experience with Wyatt and wanting to really dedicate time to his writing.
JW talks about what he'd like students to know and that they should pursue what they love.


  • James Wells
  • Stacey Giroux

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