Meghan Miller and Jamie Canup

Recorded June 1, 2023 Archived June 1, 2023 51:09 minutes
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One Small Step partners Meghan Miller (43) and Jamie Canup (65) have a conversation about what they believe patriotism is and how they developed those beliefs.

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Participants Meghan Miller and Jamie Canup discuss why they decided to participate in a One Small Step conversation.
Jamie reveals the impacts of the recent passing of his mother who was a major influence on his life.
Meghan brings forth her personal beliefs and how she developed those beliefs through her experiences in life.
Jamie posses the question of what patriotism means to him and the effect his mother had on shaping the way he views patriotism.
Meghan reveals her struggles with current issues and beliefs of patriotism in the face of social issues.
Jamie and Meghan discuss the media and the sources they use to gather their information.
Meghan reflects on her experiences growing up and the loss of her grandmother.
Jamie looks at how his perspective has evolved as he has gotten older.
Jamie talks about his passion for helping those who struggle with food insecurity and housing.


  • Meghan Miller
  • Jamie Canup

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