Melody Porter and Arvind Patel

Recorded June 20, 2023 Archived June 20, 2023 56:00 minutes
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Melody Porter (49) and Arvind Patel (73) take an hour to discuss immigration, gun violence, their state of Virginia, and the nuances of American individualism.

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Melody Porter and Arvind Patel share what motivated them to participate in a One Small Step conversation.
Arvind and Melody discuss their upbringing and the impact it had on their political perspectives.
Melody talks about her advocacy for reducing gun violence in Richmond.
Arvind talks about his concern for the future of energy resources.
Arvind and Melody discuss what it means to be “free” in America.
The pair discuss their experiences with openly discussing politics with family and friends.


  • Melody Porter
  • Arvind Patel

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