Melva Estrada and Christina Juarez

Recorded March 5, 2023 Archived March 5, 2023 32:11 minutes
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Melva "Denise" Estrada (51) speaks with her friend Christina Juarez (41) about her experiences in the Army and as a veteran.

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D describes her decision to join the Army and her family's reaction.
D recalls her experience in basic training and as part of a forward support battalion.
D speaks about her deployment in Iraq.
D shares how difficult it has been to talk about her experiences, PTSD, and the mental and physical effects of her time in the military.
D discusses how she feels about her disability and the challenge of becoming retired. She also reflects on how she feels about the Army and the VA.
D and C discuss the importance of sharing your story and seeking help.


  • Melva Estrada
  • Christina Juarez

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