Melvin Johnson and Darryl Hicks

Recorded August 1, 2023 Archived August 1, 2023 51:05 minutes
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Melvin Johnson (65) and Darryl Hicks (67) share their common experiences driving trucks, growing up black, and the joy and importance of having conversations with different kinds of people and not making assumptions.

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Melvin Johnson and Darryl Hicks share they wanted to participate because they love talking with new people.
Darryl and Melvin talk about their experiences driving tour buses (Melvin), school buses (Darryl) and trucks (both). Darryl talks about the non-profit he started to combat child endangerment.
Melvin talks about growing up in a small, segregated town.
Melvin reflects on a time when he was concerned about driving to an Appalachian mountain town, but how well he was treated there vs. being treated poorly in Richmond.
Darryl talks about "othering" people and speaking up against that. He talks about his interracial marriage and interracial adoptions.
Darryl talks about the encouragement he received from his parents to do the best he could.
Melvin talks about the joy of attending a multi-racial church. He shares the hard moment when he found out his health would keep him from ever driving a truck again.
Darryl and Melvin talk about dreaming of putting together an old car (Darryl) and experiences putting together old cars (Melvin).
Darryl talks about finding crossover with people who don't agree with you. He states he thinks voting should be mandatory, like paying taxes. "John Lewis didn't cross the bridge and take his lumps so you could not vote."
Melvin asks Darryl if, being of different races, he and his wife have differences of opinion. Darryl answers that it's more a matter of style. He shares a disagreement in degree with his wife on his belief that instead of taking children away from parents, that the resources and personnel used in the foster care system should be allocated to guide parents.
Darryl shares a story about his black son running up to his white wife and scaring the white woman she was walking with.
Darryl and Melvin both share that what they'll take away from the conversation is that we should assume the best about each other.


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