Memories of Motor City

Recorded November 30, 2018 Archived November 30, 2018 25:32 minutes
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Playing an instrument, painting, and traveling the world. These are what Stephen Hoffman would like to do when he retires. In November 2018, 15 year-old JJ Hoffman interviewed his grandfather, Stephen Hoffman, about his past and his future. The story travels back to Detroit, Michigan in 1951, when Stephen was ten years old and describes his school life. The interview also catches a glimpse into what Stephen’s life in Detroit is like now, and how his past experiences shaped him into the person he is today. In the first minute of the interview, Stephen talks about training for a marathon. Throughout the interview, JJ learns about parts of his grandfather he never even thought about before, and how different Stephen’s early life was compared to life now.


  • Stephen Hoffman
  • JJ Hoffman

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