Micah Smith and Alexandra Razell

Recorded May 2, 2023 Archived May 2, 2023 50:54 minutes
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One Small Step partners Alexandra Razell (35) and Micah Smith (51) connect over music, art, and dealing with grief from recent losses in their lives.

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Alexandra Razell (AR) and Micah Smith (MS) discuss why they decided to participate in One Small Step.
MS discusses his experience growing up in many different countries.
AR shares about the huge impact their roommate made on their life by always being a kind person.
MS speaks about the passing of a close friend as well as of his mother.
AR relates to MS over the recent passing of their roommate and the conversation turns to dealing with grief concerning losing a loved one.
AR talks about a recent theater performance they took part in.
AR and MS relate to one another through art and music.
MS speaks on his beliefs centering the media and how the media strips away individuality.
AR speaks on what they believe is a crime crisis across the country and its relation to mental health.


  • Micah Smith
  • Alexandra Razell

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