Michael Ross and Kiplyn Primus

Recorded August 29, 2023 Archived August 29, 2023 37:59 minutes
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Kiplyn Primus (62) interviews her fellow Atlanta Business League member Michael Hubert Ross (65) about his life as a businessman and entrepreneur in Atlanta as well as about his involvement with the Atlanta Business League.

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Kiplyn (K) asks Michael (M) to talk about his time growing up in Atlanta.
M talks about how he decided where to go to college, his college and law school experiences, and how he decided on his career path.
K asks M how he started down the path to becoming an entrepreneur.
K asks M how he got involved with The Atlanta Business League.
K asks M to talk about the climate for African-American businesses in Atlanta today.
K asks M to talk about his relationship with H.J. (Herman) Russell.
K asks M to talk about the future and legacy for his firm.
K asks M what he tells young people about becoming entrepreneurs.


  • Michael Ross
  • Kiplyn Primus

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