Michael Shih and Robyn Bowman

Recorded July 29, 2023 Archived July 29, 2023 50:37 minutes
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One Small Step partners Michael "Mike" Shih (41) and Robyn Bowman (62) sit down for a conversation about mental health, the criminal justice system, and the current state of affairs in Ukraine.

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Michael "Mike" Shih (M) and Robyn Bowman (R) discuss why they decided to partake in a One Small Step conversation.
R reflects on social media and the echo chamber effect that it seems to produce.
R talks about the impact of media on the Covid - 19 Pandemic.
M talks about working at a mental health facility that took in wayward youth.
R talks about her childhood and her relationship with her mother.
R talks about the lack of accessibility to mental healthcare within California and her community.
M talks about working in probation and the issues that surround the criminal justice system.
R presents her personal stances in relation to different political parties.
M analyzes the differing religious faiths and how they impact populations, believing in the separation of church and state.
M & R compare and contrast the conflicts between Russia and Ukraine and Taiwan and China.


  • Michael Shih
  • Robyn Bowman

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