Mike Watts and Humza Rahman

Recorded July 7, 2023 Archived July 7, 2023 38:09 minutes
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Humza Rahman (30) interviews his friend and coworker Mike Watts (73) about his time at Loaves & Fishes, his artistic explorations, and his many “sides.”

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Humza (H) asks Mike (M) why he chose to volunteer at Loaves & Fishes.
M talks about growing up in the country south of Dallas, Texas.
M tells H about his son Kyle.
H asks M to share a "haunting memory."
M describes his different sides.
M and H discuss a piece of M's writing.
H asks M about his artistic endeavors.
M describes the sounds of California.
M talks about his true self and the wall he has built.
H tells M why he wanted to bring him in to record.
H asks M what the best part of his day was.


  • Mike Watts
  • Humza Rahman

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Bronson Park

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