Mike Wemmer and Patrick Roberts

Recorded May 16, 2023 Archived May 16, 2023 52:30 minutes
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One Small Step partners Mike Wemmer (78) and Patrick Roberts (58) sit down for a conversation about changing how we see those with different political views.

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Mike Wemmer (WM) and Patrick Roberts (RB) discuss why they decided to participate in One Small Step.
MW discusses his personal beliefs in regards to voting.
PR talks about how most of his friends and family steer away from talking politics in the current political climate.
PR discusses how he believes he has experienced personal growth through meeting and talking with those who hold different beliefs.
MW talks about his move to Paraguay and the impact it had on his life.
PR talks about the impact the military had on him and his family.
MW and PR reminisce about their childhoods.
PR discusses the racial divide within the United States and how he believes that communal worship could help make change.
MW shares his perception that it is human nature to fight and develop biases.
PR talks about how racial lines are changing through the generations.


  • Mike Wemmer
  • Patrick Roberts

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