Mona Posinoff and Susan Groulx

Recorded February 4, 2022 Archived February 4, 2022 36:26 minutes
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Mona Posinoff (65) shares a conversation with her friend Susan Groulx (69) about how they met each other, how they met their partners, the adventures they've gone on, and their friendship.

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SG and MP describe where they each grew up, how they came to Florida, and how they first met.
SG and MP discuss the growth of their friendship. MP talks about SG making her feel comfortable in her own skin.
SG talks about MP being the first person she really got to know who was a lesbian. She describes how she was once a conservative christian, and how she's changed over time.
MP and SG describe how they each met their partners.
MP talks about how SG makes her feel young. MP and SG describe "adventure days" they go on every month, and remember a trip they took to New York to watch Saturday Night Live.
SG and MP describe what makes them good friends.
MP asks SG what she would say if this was their last conversation together.


  • Mona Posinoff
  • Susan Groulx

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