Monique talks with 91-year old Adolf Armijo about what inspires him and how he has influenced so many people during his lifetime.

Recorded June 16, 2019 Archived June 16, 2019 24:42 minutes
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Adolf shares his amazing life story (so far!) ...and how he has flourished in each stage of his life...from being a 12-year-old rancher in New Mexico, moving to San Francisco when he was 19, chasing his dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur, marrying Dalphina, the love of his life, having five amazing children, and overcoming alcoholism. Adolf shares his life story to inspire dozens of others to overcome obstacles and live the life they've always dreamed of. "Changing your life is something else--and that's what I did. It gets better and better...never give up on that."


  • Monique Reece

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