Mouna Abdelhamid and Jumana Ibrahim

Recorded June 3, 2023 Archived June 3, 2023 35:13 minutes
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Mouna Abdelhamid (55) speaks with her daughter Jumana Ibrahim (20) about her childhood, their family, and the Palestinian diaspora.

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MA reflects on her childhood memories and talks about living in southern Spain.
MA remembers going to live with her grandmother in Jordan at age six.
MA reflects on her grandmother's insistence that her children get an education and how that influenced what she tells her own children.
MA talks about her relationship with her younger siblings.
MA discusses the challenges of staying in touch with family members living in different countries.
MA talks about coming to the United States and her husband's family.
MA and JI talk about family traditions, and MA talks about the impact of having children.
MA and JI reflect on the differences in their experiences with U.S. culture.
JI talks about making Arab friends in college.


  • Mouna Abdelhamid
  • Jumana Ibrahim

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Alif Institute

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