Neferteri Strickland and Paul Richards

Recorded August 10, 2023 Archived August 10, 2023 37:27 minutes
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Paul Richards (74) sits down with his daughter Neferteri Strickland (44) to discuss his 30 years in the military. The two speak about Paul's childhood in Panama, his early career achievements, and his hopes for the future.

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Paul Richards (P) speaks about growing up in Colón, Panama.
P remembers being inspired to go into the military after watching paratroopers jump out of an airplane on Easter Sunday.
P discusses his passion for sewing.
P explains his expectations for the military versus his reality of serving.
P talks about the awards he received during basic training and rising through the ranks quicker than his peers.
P recalls a prank played on him that left him unsettled.
P and Neferteri Strickland remember P’s time as a drill sergeant.
P discusses moving his family to Frankfurt, Germany.
P reflects on returning to civilian life after 30 years of service.
P shares his hopes for the future of the US.


  • Neferteri Strickland
  • Paul Richards

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Southwest Chatham Library

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