Ngoc Trai Vo and Cam Hien Johnson

Recorded October 27, 2023 Archived October 27, 2023 37:11 minutes
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Ngoc "Trai" Vo (67) speaks with her daughter Cam Hein Johnson (40) about her early life in Vietnam. She discusses the obstacles she faced as a young, single mother, recounts her decision to come to the US, and encourages others to maintain their faith.

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Trai (T) speaks about her childhood in Vietnam.
T recounts her time working as a chef for an American man, which resulted in a traumatic experience and brought "an end to her childhood."
T remembers discovering she was pregnant and her father's reaction to it.
T explains why her son was discriminated against at school.
T recalls meeting her daughter Cam's father.
T discusses living in a house with her then-husband's family from his last marriage.
T recounts coming to the US and how her former husband refused to join her there.
T recalls spending 10 months in a Filipino refugee camp with her three children.
T speaks about her happiest moments in life and imparts some advice to future generations.


  • Ngoc Trai Vo
  • Cam Hien Johnson

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Mardi Gras Park

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