Nikolaus Guran and Chapin Montague

Recorded August 8, 2023 Archived August 8, 2023 53:32 minutes
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Chapin Montague (24) asks her conversation partner, Nikolaus "Nik" Guran (49), about his experiences and deployments in the military and his journey to seeking help and encouraging others to seek help for PTSD.

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Nikolaus "Nik" Guran (N) shares why he wanted to join the military and information about his childhood/ adolescense.
N shares what South Korea was like and recalls how he and his friends spent a New Years together in Seoul.
N shares memories of Fort Campbell and how he rose the ranks to First Commander at 30 years old.
N recalls his first deployment in Iraq and a specific incident where a service member threw a grenade at fellow soldiers.
N recalls the difference in his military time before and during the Iraq war.
N remembers his first experiences with PTSD back in Fort Campbell and recalls a specific incident that triggered an intense PTSD response.
N shares more information on his 4 deployments and talks about helping control Ebola in Liberia.
N remembers his PTSD intensifying after Afghanistan in 2008 and how and why he eventually sought help.
N shares the mixed emotions he felt after getting diagnosed with PTSD.
N shares the importance of opening up and sharing your story to others. He gives a message to the military community to take the next step of courage and seek help.
N shares a traumatic story of a soldier of his being killed and how he assumed and carried responsibility for it.


  • Nikolaus Guran
  • Chapin Montague

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