Ottie James and Franchesca Peña

Recorded October 30, 2023 Archived October 30, 2023 31:06 minutes
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Ottie James (31) speaks with conversation partner Franchesca Peña (27) about his life as a performance artist, reflecting on his relationship to spirituality, his role as a father, and the biggest influences on his life and work.

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Ottie (O) explains his journey of how he became a performance artist.
O talks about how both his spiritual upbringing and the lack of spirituality in his community inform his work.
O reflects on a piece he performed in titled Ocean in my Bones and the bond he made with his fellow cast members.
O highlights the connections between his performance art and spirituality.
O reflects on miracles, recalling a moment with a displaced individual he encountered in downtown Mobile.
O talks about the biggest influences in his life-- his dad and grandmother.
O explains how his dad inspired him to center creativity in his life.
O speaks about his hopes for his kids.
O recalls a special moment with his son after a fire.


  • Ottie James
  • Franchesca Peña

Recording Locations

Mardi Gras Park