P. Thawin Pukhao and Chinda Tanner

Recorded July 11, 2023 Archived July 11, 2023 41:58 minutes
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Elmhurst Buddhist temple volunteer Chinda Tanner (63) and Monk P. Thawin Pukhao (53) discuss their personal histories and the history of the temple. They also discuss how they each contribute to their temple and what they hope for the Thai community in Queens.

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Thawin (T) talks about opening the temple and coming to New York in 1994, and the sense of home and belonging he felt immediately upon moving.
Chinda (C) shares a bit about her life before coming to the temple. She was going through a rough time and looking for a community that would connect with her heart and brain, and felt lucky to find the one in Elmhurst.
T shares the history of the first few years of the temple, the personal help he needed and how much the temple has changed since it was built. He also shares how much Elmhurst has changed since the temple opened.
C shares her experience getting COVID and leaning on her temple community/ prayer for support.
C and T share what they do daily to contribute to the temple.
Both participants share what they are most proud of in their time at the temple.
Both participants share what their hopes are for themselves and their temple.


  • P. Thawin Pukhao
  • Chinda Tanner

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Wat Buddha Thai Thavorn Vanaram

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