Pa Yeng Lee Interview

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Pa Yeng Lee is a nurse practitioner in the Preoperative Anesthesia Clinic at the Minneapolis Veterans
Affairs Healthcare System located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She has practiced at the VA for four years, since being hired as a new grad in 2020. She is an alumnus of St. Catherine University, in Saint Paul, Minnesota, where she received her all four of her nursing degrees from Associates of Science in Nursing in 2013, leading up to Doctor of Nursing Practice in May 2020. Pa Yeng began her nursing career and a span of five years in an Inpatient Medicine unit within a safety net, level I trauma center located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Hennepin County Medical Center.
Pa Yeng is proud to be a first-generation Hmong American and the first in her family to graduate with a college degree. She was raised in a low-income, sole provider home, where her mother stayed at home to raise eight children. Pa Yeng is grateful for the sacrifices of her parents, relatives, and countless Hmong who lived through the Vietnam War, and who began anew in a foreign country to build a better future for the children of the coming generations. Today she is a strong mother, wife, sister, and daughter who aspires to empower other women, and one day contribute to improving the health of the Hmong community. She shares her story to encourage others to strive for their dreams while remembering to provide self-love and self-care along the way.
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