Patrese Griffin and Ed Genesis

Recorded July 10, 2023 Archived July 10, 2023 39:31 minutes
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Patrese Griffin (41) speaks with her husband, Ed Genesis [no age given], about where they each were in life when they first met, the work they have been able to do together since meeting, and how they balance helping others and taking care of themselves.

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Patrese Griffin (P) and Ed Genesis (E) recall first meeting while both working at a Taco Bell over twenty-two years ago.
P and E reflect on what their lives were like back then.
E says he and P were always tuned into the things going on around them and were passionate about making today better than yesterday.
E talks about the power of hope and the act of judgment.
E and P discuss loyalty, betrayal, selfishness, and self-preservation.
P and E speak about how they can take care of themselves amidst all the work that they do.
P and E discuss failure. P claims she never sees E as a failure because he never stops trying.
E talks about the "bear witness" shirt he is wearing and his personal journey.
P talks about her journey working in housing legislation and becoming the second Black woman to hold the position of vice mayor.


  • Patrese Griffin
  • Ed Genesis

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Bronson Park

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