Patricia Bradley and Laura Peterson

Recorded October 28, 2023 Archived October 28, 2023 38:53 minutes
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Patricia Bradley (85) speaks with her sorority sister Laura Peterson (52) about her life in their sorority Delta Gamma.

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LP asks PB about her life growing up and how she ended up at Duke University for her college career.
PB explains that she majored in Business Administration and was one of four women with that major.
LP asks PB how she ended up choosing Delta Gamma.
PB explains that she was on the women's campus at Duke.
PB explains how dance cards worked.
After college, PB got accepted into the finance management program at a bank in Richmond, VA.
LP asks PB about her experience at Emory University, where Delta Gamma had a suite.
LP asks PB about the Delta Gamma convention in Atlanta.
PB speaks about bringing Dr. Maya Angelou to their lecture series and her favorite quote by Dr. Angelou.
LP asks PB about advice she shares with your college women.
LP asks PB about the bravest thing she's ever done and PB speaks about her divorce after 34 years of marriage.


  • Patricia Bradley
  • Laura Peterson

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