Patricia Hewitt and Sarah Siegel

Recorded January 17, 2024 Archived January 17, 2024 37:33 minutes
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Wives Sarah Siegel (58) and Patricia "Pat" Hewitt (73) reflect on their relationship over the years and give advice for other young lesbian couples.

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Patricia "Pat" Hewitt (P) and Sarah Siegel (S) remember how they first met.
S asks P how she knew S was "the one."
P and S talk about their decision to move to Memphis.
P and S share some favorite memories of their relationship.
P wonders if S would've done things differently.
S asks P what advice she has for young lesbian couples.
S talks about their wedding announcement in the New York Times.
S and P share some final thoughts about their journey together.


  • Patricia Hewitt
  • Sarah Siegel

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