Paul Crenshaw and Lisa Thompson

Recorded August 25, 2023 Archived August 25, 2023 47:30 minutes
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One Small Step partners Paul "Scott" Crenshaw (59) and Lisa Thompson (48) have a conversation about how they came to be apart of their religious communities and the role of politics within religion.

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Paul "Scott" Crenshaw (PC) and Lisa Thompson (LT) discuss why they decided to participate in the One Small Step program.
PC explains how he became a pastor.
LT explains the path she took in becoming a ordained minister.
PC looks at the influence his father had on him in forming his core beliefs.
LT talks about the challenges of being a woman in her role.
LT reveals that her and her husband are on different sides of the political spectrum.
PC and LT discuss their beliefs on where politics and religion intersect within their roles.
LT tells a story of transitioning from working in Dallas, TX to a small congregation in Kansas.
PC relates over working at a congregation in Idaho.


  • Paul Crenshaw
  • Lisa Thompson

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