Paul Griego and Sophia Griego

Recorded April 7, 2023 Archived April 7, 2023 37:56 minutes
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Paul Griego (65) and his daughter Sophia Griego [no age given] discuss their family history, careers, losing a sibling, and how Paul's experience with the Marshall Islands Atomic Cleanup has impacted them.

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P talks about his family history and ancestry. He shares memories of his family growing up and reflects on losing his younger brother at a young age.
S speaks about losing her older brother and reflects on the support she received.
P remembers his father's work as a uranium prospector and how it inspired his career as a nuclear chemist.
P describes his participation in the Marshall Islands Atomic Cleanup and his decision to change careers following the project. P and S discuss how the cleanup has impacted their lives.
S talks about her academic interests and future goals. P shares about his educational and career path.
P and S discuss their concerns about their health after P's radiation exposure in the Marshall Islands. P shares his regrets and how his experience in the Marshall Islands has impacted him and inspired his advocacy work.
P and S share their perspectives on the future of nuclear science. P remembers the friends and coworkers he has lost to cancer and radiation-related illness and his fears of how the radiation will affect the future generations of their families.
P speaks about the people he has met through his advocacy.


  • Paul Griego
  • Sophia Griego

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Albuquerque Museum