Paul Stewart and Winifred Stewart

Recorded February 5, 2022 Archived February 5, 2022 37:11 minutes
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Paul Stewart (73) shares a conversation with is wife, Winifred Stewart (71), about how they met, trips they've been on, family, and their lives together.

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WS talks about what she noticed when she first met PS. PS describes WS's ability to remember his family members.
PS talks about getting married and eventually moving to Florida. WS and PS talk about their daughters and grandson.
PS describes how he and WS have always left time for themselves and their relationship. They talk about trips they have been on.
WS describes her favorite things about PS. PS discusses getting cancer, and remembers WS's support.
WS talks about PS being declared a lord of Scotland. PS reflects on all the names you receive over the course of your life. WS talks about PS finding a new appreciation for life after being in remission.
PS and WS describe ways in which they've changed each other. WS and PS remember their 25th and 40th anniversaries.


  • Paul Stewart
  • Winifred Stewart

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Center For Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation