Penelope LePome and Mary Avery

Recorded June 21, 2023 Archived June 21, 2023 46:47 minutes
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Penelope LePome (77 ) and Mary Avery (63) discuss California geopolitics, the pressures of being a public official, and the impacts of Covid 19 on their respective communities.

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Penelope LePome discusses the impact of the drought on her community in California.
Mary Avery and Penelope discuss the issues that most impact the way they vote.
Penelope discusses her effort to start a political discussion group in her community.
Mary talks about having a close family member (her husband) in a prominent public position (fire chief).
Mary and Penelope share stories from the pandemic and theorize the way it changed our relationship to our government.
The pair discuss politicians that have made a positive impact and the definition of what it means to be patriotic.
Penelope and Mary share things that have brought them joy lately.


  • Penelope LePome
  • Mary Avery

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