Penney Lary and Sandra Thornton

Recorded August 10, 2023 Archived August 10, 2023 39:47 minutes
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Penney Lary (45) asks her mother, Sandra Thornton (71) about her reasons for joining the military and her experiences within the army.

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Sandra Thornton (S) shares why she joined the military.
S describes leaving Michigan to start her training in Alabama and her first memories of training.
S remembers the routines of training and what it was like being in a women only training unit.
S describes her reasons for reenlisting and what she did with the signing bonus.
S shares a story of volunteering to take down the main tent pole of the tent in training and what that experience taught her.
S remembers being transferred to a battalion where she had to run a mile each day in combat boots and getting her E6 promotion.
S describes leaving the military to join Penney Lary's (P) father in Germany.
P asks S if she has any regrets from her time in the military. S shares what she was grateful for.
S describes her toughest time in the military and how she got through it. She also shares meaningful advice told to her by a sergeant.
P remembers what it was like being raised by S, a military mom. She remembers that S's nickname was "drill sergeant". P also describes what led to S talking about her military experience more.
S reflects on just how unique her military experience was and what benefits it has given her in life.


  • Penney Lary
  • Sandra Thornton

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Southwest Chatham Library

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