Phil Beaumont and James Brown

Recorded January 21, 2020 Archived January 22, 2020 38:42 minutes
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Phil Beaumont (52) speaks with his friend James "Jim" Brown (60) about their careers as artists and educators, childhood memories, San Diego's art scene, and the early beginnings of The Children's Museum of San Diego and the Museum School hosted there.

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JB recalls the original Children's Museum of San Diego in the 1990s, and PB speaks about teaching video classes at the Museum School, hosted by that iteration of the museum.
PB shares memories of teaching project-based work at the Museum School, and JB speaks about the curation practices geared differently towards children: "we forget how inherently intelligent kids are."
JB speaks about bringing people together through Bread & Salt, his gallery and education space.
PB and JB speak about the way opportunities alone can make a difference for people. They discuss PB being in a band, and how this changes his students' perception of adulthood and dreams.
JB and PB recalls people who gave them opportunities early in their careers, and those who influenced them.
They discuss "cross-fertilization" of culture between San Diego and Tijuana, and the neighbor-ship of the two cities. JB speaks about his work on the border Friendship Park and its history.
PB speaks about the privilege of traveling, and they discuss the importance of "making things."
They speak about "playing" freely as children with unstructured time, and discuss their favorite pieces at the museum.


  • Phil Beaumont (b. 1967)
  • James Brown (b. 1959)

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The New Children's Museum

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