Quentin Wilson and Lee Selleck

Recorded October 14, 2023 Archived October 14, 2023 38:28 minutes
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Friends Quentin Wilson [no age given] and Lee Selleck [no age given] come together 50 years after they graduated high school together in Kirkwood, Missouri. The two talk about the value of listening, the divides in our country, and how we can learn from each other's commonalities as well as our differences.

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Lee Selleck (LS) and Quentin Wilson (QW) reflect on how the public engages with the government.
QW asks LS about his work in media and with the government in Canada.
QW emphasizes the importance of listening to bridge divides in society.
LS talks about the issues that are important to everyone.
QW talks about the work that StoryCorps does.
LS asks QW if there’s a way to take an entrenched political system and drive for consensus.
QW talks about some of the fundamental changes we need to see in our system of government.
LS and QW talk about how the world looks different than they imagined when they were younger.
QW talks about how we cannot leave the mess of the world to future generations.


  • Quentin Wilson
  • Lee Selleck