Randall Moore Life Perspectives Interview

Recorded May 21, 2019 Archived May 21, 2019 44:23 minutes
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Id: APP639190


This interview was conducted on May 20th 2019 in Lafayette, Colorado; Mikayla Moore interviews her father (Randall Moore) on how historical events and life experiences have effected his personal beliefs over time leading up to his current life situation and truths. Randall begins the interview reviewing his early childhood expierences, situations, and parental beliefs and how those shaped the rest of his journey to adulthood. As well as reflecting upon past expierences and viewpoints regarding historical events that occurred through his lifetime, which are presented in chronological order. Until coming to a close at his current position in life and how he came to that point as well as rreflecting on future plans and how these may be rooted in his past expierences and beliefs.


  • Randall Moore