Renee Boisseau and Julia Carlson

Recorded June 18, 2022 Archived June 18, 2022 32:12 minutes
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Renee Boisseau (69) and daughter Julia Carlson (31) reflect on Renee's mother's life and career in nursing.

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R shares about her mother's early nursing career in Boston, and her experience treating victims of the Coconut Grove fire.
J reflects on the differences between her experience in nursing school, and her grandmother's experience.
R and J discuss R's mother's early nursing career, her decision to focus on pediatrics, meeting her husband, moving to Seattle, and eventually working as a nurse in his office.
R and J reflect on the experience of being raised by parents in the medical field.
R recalls the gifts they got from her parent's patients who were unable to pay monetarily.
R and J remark on how many of their relatives work in the medical field past and present, and J shares how she decided on nursing.
R and J express their love for their fields of teaching and nursing respectively, and what it's like to work in such important and under appreciated professions.
R and J reflect on the legacy of R's parent's partnership and their dedication and empathy.
R expresses her pride and admiration for J.


  • Renee Boisseau
  • Julia Carlson

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Missoula Public Library