Renee Hawk and Rex Aseron

Recorded October 13, 2023 Archived October 13, 2023 49:59 minutes
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One Small Step conversation partners Renee Hawk (64) and Rex Aseron (41) discuss gender identify, careers, being un-housed, abortion and moving forward through the world.

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Renee Hawk discusses desire to learn more from outside her circle.
Rex Aseron's influence from media, books and information.
Rex on being a Cheese Monger.
Discussion of what it means to be trans.
Gender Identity and its connection to abortion.
How to deal with the vocal minority and how to vote with the most impact.
"Investing" in making the world a better place.
Wrap up an StoryCorps discussion.


  • Renee Hawk
  • Rex Aseron

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KRCB Studio C

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