Revelations in the Heartland - Commemorating Stonewall 50 with Norm Arbo

Recorded June 27, 2019 Archived June 27, 2019 27:27 minutes
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Back in the day, it often took years for things that happened on the coasts to really impact the Heartland. The coincidences of Norm’s life in 1969, while traveling in Europe (on a trip earned as a reward for serving his church as their pastor), resulted in Stonewall opening hidden doors and uncovering mirrors that he’d avoided looking into before.

And though he, like many others in Kansas City after Stonewall, didn’t explosively rise up, Norm eventually found his way to rebel against the restricted thinking he’d been taught as he served young people during the AIDS crisis almost 2 decades later.


  • Norm Arbo
  • Glenn Mills

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