Reynaldo Brown and Dick Fosbury

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Olympic track and field teammates Dick Fosbury (72) and Reynaldo Brown (68) share memories about their experiences working towards and competing in the 1968 Olympic games in Mexico City.

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DF talks about being in Mexico City for the Olympic games in 1968.
RB remembers how he worked towards making the 1968 Olympics as a high schooler.
DF talks about training to compete at high altitude in Lake Tahoe.
DF describes the Olympic Village in Mexico City.
DF shares that he took a bed to be able sleep alone during the competition instead of rooming with other athletes.
DF says he missed the opening ceremonies because he went out to the pyramids.
RB describes the opening ceremonies.
DF talks about the moment when he did the "Fosbury Flop" at the Olympics.
RB explains his strategy for competing.
DF talks about being focused on college and engineering.
DF and RB tell each other that they love each other.
DF talks about a moment when he and RB connected as friends.
DF and RB discuss their strategies for preparing to compete.


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00:02 My name is Reynaldo Brown age is 68.

00:08 Today's date is November 2nd, and we're located here in Colorado Springs the name of my interview Partners dick Fosbury. My teammate at the 1968 Olympic Games at Mexico City who won the gold medal this matter fact.

00:27 I am an Olympian I competed in the high jump.

00:32 Mexico City

00:35 List of events. Well, I finished V. What do you need thing about me, you know going to their Mexico Olympics. I was a junior in high school that Compton I had it was my dream to become an Olympian and I really work hard at my dreams and I had a plan to make that team and it worked all out for me to make the team enjoyed their kin are Carruthers at the 1968 Olympic Games at Mexico City.

01:09 My name is Dick Fosbury. I'm 72 years old today is November 2nd 2019. We're here at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs. And my interview partner is Reynaldo Brown who's my teammate from the 1968 US Olympic team? I was a high jumper and competed in 1968 and I won a gold medal in 1968 and that was my only Olympic games that I competed in.

01:52 And Dick it on, you know when we went out there and we got to Mexico City for with your feelings about being at Mexico City.

02:01 Well, it's it was my second country that I'd ever been in. I was excited and nervous and mostly curious about the the whole experience of being in an Olympic Village with athletes from countries that spoke different languages. They dress different the eight different foods, and it was for me a real eye-opener, you know to to be in that environment where we're all there to compete but we know very little about all the other athletes who are who are going to be there and

03:01 So I was I was really excited about it. And so Reynaldo what I've always been curious about is I was in college at the time. I was a junior at Oregon State and I didn't know how all of this competition to get onto the Olympic team was going to work but I I won the NC 2A that year set a new Collegiate record and that qualified me to go to the Olympic trials. But what I didn't know is how does a high school kid get to the Olympic trials because it's not like we had National.

03:55 We have a national championship for competition for high school kids that was typically in the summertime. But how did you qualify to get to the Olympic trials? That was the first step right? There was a first day of and I had a coach at Compton High School Willy Williams, and I asked my coach I said I would it take to make the Olympic team and he said dedication hard-work and sure that everything is ready to go. So far me to good, you know to get to one of the trials and he said we had a meeting think it was down one of our at think it was on AAU League. It went down to Miami Nationals Nationals. And if I jump 7 feet in that meet which I had already jumped and set in high school 70, you know earlier in the year before I met right between

04:55 I will qualify me to continue to go on because there was two other meats. It was three all together. I think of Miami and forget the other place, but then they Tahoe would have been the third went down to Miami a qualified in Miami, you know, I jumped seven something and you know qualified to make the Olympic go to the drought has started from that point on then my dream and my plans and my goal was to become an Olympian. So I continue to stay consistent where are and you know, I kept data of each meet how far it was away from my high school meet and when I have to be at these other me to Courtyard keep qualified t-shirt and then in the second beat, I think I took

05:48 Third of something, you know and that kept me up. I jumped over 7ft, you know, so we had that we have the first trials in the LA hoes at. Okay, and so you did you jump 7 ft in the AAU and that qualified to get you to the first trials in LA, right? Correct. I'll tell you what's wrong with that Miami. I think Miami was maybe second here though. What do we go down to Miami? Miami was 1969 a the next year. I was trying to remember I didn't go to the au's because I had already competed at the NC 2A spell good and maybe there were in Sacramento or maybe it was you know, I was like I said, I was in high school added her on so I didn't I didn't keep up with your feelings. I just said what where's the next place and I was ready to go.

06:48 So how high did you what was your best in high school during the season during the season my best was 7ft. You know, I broke that was the first to break the National Record at 7:15 with 1 or attract me to we had to Compton cup. OK I had told my coach probably two or three weeks before that that I'll jump selfie break the High School record, right? But nobody believe me, you know, and anyway that day came I remember waking up that morning around 7 that morning and I'll fix breakfast. It was a nice day. It was 80 degrees outside and I was ready to go. So the meat started started. I think it's six 4 and

07:39 I made $64 jumping at six 6 and I Spike myself, you know, and yeah, they wanted me to stop jumping but I had to jump 70 right where you got a splitting you eat a cut in your leg right here and they need to require six stitches. And I said I don't worry about that. Just put a Band-Aid on it and they look at me like that bit closer, but I wasn't hurting and it probably was hurting but I was so excited and I was ready to break that High School record, you know, you've got a drenalin and going to get off. So anyway, it took maybe about 30 minutes for me to get a doctor that they put a bandage on it, you know, they put a butterfly right member right and then they put tape around my leg and maybe 30 minutes later. I was ready to jump again and they said what height do you want to come in? I sure will take it to 6:10 after 6.

08:39 And so anyway, I end up jumping the 610, right? Yeah, and it was going for the record. They said the wreck was 611 and 1/2. Okay, and I said well what's wrong with how come nobody's why you're so afraid of this half inch nobody come 70% What's a psychological thing? You know how psychological was when I was just all ready to do what I that's right. And then I noticed like, you know who used to jump the bar has been in the middle of sag in it, and it was still under the record right up to 17 1/2 inch to be sure be sure.

09:39 Track record all these officials, you know, right and I'm waiting waiting for him and all that and already had my plans and my strategy and what I was going to do and how it's going to do it but still this leg was Bandits, you know sure and I remember to tell Katie magic. Are you ready to drop? Yes. Alright, so I warmed up a little bit more and I do know get my concentration thing and visualize everything I was going to do and it just all worked out for me. So I took off and I remember myself going up over the bar and you know checking myself as I go and I'm turned into everything is turning together and I just felt it in right and I'm over to meet the height and the unique thing about it. Like I said, I had this bandage over so you can see the the one that broke the record the bandages on my leg right here right now.

10:39 Lead it very well end up breaking the school record National Record of 70 and 1/2 in and that right. There was the thing that made me really want to be at Olympia and make the team right, you know be with you guys cuz I heard a lot about you and head and all the other guys who was you know jumping and yeah, I just want to be a part of that 6018 was a part where they came in that you are we want to boycott the games and that kind of hurt me like that. I'm building for this. You know, I don't know. I just we continue to jump and it kind of faded away to go to the Lake Tahoe up there and had a great time and so they are now must have been really different to because the the US Olympic Committee established a high-altitude training camp for us for

11:39 8 weeks after the first Olympic trials in in order to compete at the final trials to make the team and go to Mexico because Mexico was at 7000 ft 7500 feet and we'd never competed at that altitude. I and so for me, it's kind of like going away to Camp except it's not one week. We were there all summer long time. Yeah, definitely, you know, and it was a great experience. I can say it's probably my first experience away from home that long. Do you know right up at the high school finished and brand new environment for me, you know their experience.

12:39 You know meeting everybody, you know understand like weed, you know that 6018 we are was so close and we you know, we really talk and share understood each other and we have been in other people's events, you know, we're going then I'll just run with people, you know, and he'll come over to the high jumping, you know, so we really had a great time up there. It was really remarkable remarkable.

13:08 Maybe tell me it hurt on my tummy. Talk to each other about him.

13:13 Herve, can you tell Jake about a your favorite or most memorable moment from that summer by Lake Tahoe?

13:25 First driving up there. It's beautiful. If you don't mind, we got it to Lake Tahoe and you know me come and get it. I'm going to do you know traveling and coming up to this new environment into the mountains where I never been before right? I mean that was I mean, I was totally blown the way you know, and then it's okay. We going to stay in these trailers, right? You know, they had trailers up there and then athlete village Village man. That was great and they said they were going to feed us every day. And I mean that was another great experience that I really I mean really boost me up and just in all I got to do is just train and then go back.

14:20 You know what? I mean? I mean you couldn't beat it. And then you try to focus was to make your own the picture and you know, we just did everything we could to do everything we could to make that came in and stay healthy and exactly in the end. I remembered, you know, none of us had any money over at least young up until like a tart our teammate and Carothers. Already been to the 64-team use out of college. A lot of the guys had job after they were in the service but we were kind of looking around for a part-time wardrobe to make a little bit of money, you know spending money, but we you know, we made it through the summer. I made the team and went on to the games that the thing that was fun for me is either.

15:20 Open Oregon in Timber country. And so for me it was the natural environment, except we had a track that was carved out of the woods and they had big boulders in the infield and Fries, which you would never have on any track facility in any school. You know, it was not a standard set up. Everything was measured precisely but it's all plopped down in the middle of a just made it into Forest. I think that you lose them for a minute and lose them again, and you know it. Mean that was that was fantastic.

16:20 Got to Mexico. The Olympic Village is is architectural e it's fits in with Mexico a lot of stonework and I really nice setting if the games are late in the year in October. And so the weather was really good except we had a couple of rainy day, you know, Jim wyomia tyus 100m in a rainstorm and and then the medal ceremony they're getting dressed out there. We were really lucky to know that good day high jumps the last two days and preliminary round wheat the three of us made it through easy and then they had 12 or 13 of us for the finals, but the weather was perfect as perfect as if I can go back to Mexico. I mean to Lake Tahoe.

17:20 Like you mentioned are coronavirus was one of those like favorite to be there better'n I hear you and I we just coming on the same way. I do, you know ain't nobody predicted. You are made to be one of the guys. I remember looking at one of the papers at the end. They already had the three fit right in that it was our faith and we knew what we had to do to do what you know, nobody knew how we train and how how desperate we want to do this and get there. But we we pulled it through a dick in the eye and Butt-head would like to use the bathroom. So, you know if we just messed up the whole and mixed up and it was such a great time in a great time at the time, you know, and

18:13 They're like you say when I went to Mexico City and here we are Mexico City, you know, and I remember walking it like he mentioned the village and all that being young like I was and you know, no one that I have to go back to Compton and high school and all that stuff. Sure. I remember just get my credentials and I just set out in front of the you know, where you going to the entrance at all man. I'll be a mistaken God my parents you do and I mean exactly it was just great to see all these other Olympians are and trying to understand, you know the coaches and you know, even though we all spoke different languages and all that we still understood each other and we have that we have to practice track in the village and then another practice track out of what we had to take the bus and

19:13 My coach was there Bernie Wagner came down just to make sure that I got some jumping in cuz I hated to jump in practice. Do you know which I have my check me to get all figured out and and I was ready to go in competition, but fortunately Bernie got me to to jump at once and for the the before the the preliminaries and then the finals and so do you remember the building we were in and they assigned us and these were going to be future apartments for the for the local people in Mexico City and so in my room I was with five other guys for other guys that were five of us in a room and once they assign just the room I got right in the elevator.

20:13 Went upstairs scoped it out and I didn't want to share a bedroom with other guys who like he's snoring or or noisy and distracting in and I spotted the there was kind of a patio that was kind of the probably the washroom where they would do laundry or whatever and I grabbed one of the beds and hauled it out there in and let her out in the dinky little room that barely fit one bed in it, but I had my own place we're looking for two at that time. I was lucky to

20:53 It'll be in a room where everybody was thinking on the same page and we came in at the same time. Everybody went to bed. And I was thankful for that. You know, right and like I said, I just said I just enjoyed you know, the company that I had in the room and and like I say just going around the village, you know, and just enjoying, you know different team to know and watching Everybody dressed different, you know, exactly the different running suits. We are young but they have I didn't realize they had that many different colors of Adidas closing a pool man that you know, so I mean that would that was great then the opening ceremonies man. I mean that was that was a great great experience man, you know, I miss that Ford, I went out with the pyramids. Okay where they were bringing the torch from Greece and they

21:53 Play at the torch there that night so I went out there with Gary stenlund and it and a couple American swimmers couple girls and we went out to celebrate with the Mexicans and the torch coming coming through Mexico staying there overnight and they had a ceremony in a band and music and they have lights under the pyramids and we stayed out there all night. And cuz we figured we could drive back to the to the village and we got in the biggest traffic jam in the world on that day in October. And so we missed it wheat we watched it on television, you know, where you at are active building in that Community Hall, but I have all the televisions and so. I miss the

22:52 I miss that celebration, but you know. I had my own experience. Did you get your uniform and put it on there? But I remember standing in the back, you know, where the basketball players cuz you know, they lying ass up here and height by Heights call Ed looking into stadium in at all these you know, the people that sandwich was Pac world was packed and they're all yelling Olay is really a great experience.

23:30 It in the same with the competition, you know who was interesting the preliminaries in the morning Saturday morning stadiums, maybe a quarter full ride a few people are there watching qualifying rounds. We all made it through and then the finals warming up on the practice track, you know, getting stretched out and warmed up and walking down the tunnel for the for the competition and you walk down the tunnel and the stadium is packed with the deposit. And how did you feel? I mean, I know that you said, you know, you you had everything, you know precise and you knew how you was going to do it today.

24:30 Time it in all that was down and everything and you didn't feel any pressure to evidently, you know, you just was ready to explode and do what you came to do. I felt the same pressure as you, you know. I mean were there to perform right and and hopefully have the best day and and everything will go according to the plan or what you prepare for that. You never know exactly what you know how it's all going to work out. But you know, my being different was kind of an advantage because as I warmed up the crowd started to notice, you know, there's this strange guy and Grub and it as we started the competition and kept raising the bar jumping higher and higher

25:30 More people started to watch an end. I remember the state of just getting quieter and quieter. You have a go, you know, you don't listen. What are you going to do if he can't do that, but you know you. Being so excited every time you jumped unbelievable. And then we do our strategy jump. I mean that was cool too. But that was conventional the standard this standard technique that is strategy strategy, you know, and being in high school right in order to make the Olympic team. I had I had to have a strategy in my strategy was extended top five.

26:30 Free competition I got three left right correct and it and it work for me, you know the whole time all the way to the excited about, you know, all our competition that we had and you know, how many people we had jumping we have to wait for them and blah blah blah, right and I remember looking around lyrics bar path 7 ft Wright we came and we talked we chat with you going to jump 7 to are we going to jump to the right? Yep. I admit my strategy. I mean, all I want to do is just are the top 5 and top 5 in America and I feel really good in the world. 5 in the world. I mean I had I mean that was that was my metal. So to speak, you know, you better and I was really happy with it. So I said look at me jump 7, I'll go to 71. I think you and it went to 72 or something, right?

27:30 I think so. I think we passed you guys passed and I and I start I jumped at 7 one, but I was so excited. You know, I figured it goes and all that and it on my trail leg was not I was up over it, but about your leg. I just couldn't pull it over and excitement and I didn't care anymore. You know, right? I'm Olympian. You know now that I've done what I wanted to do, you know, exactly and and then you know, I'm watching you guys do your thing, man, and I wanted you to know so, I mean, it was great and I'm thinking about going back to high school and all that time. I had to go back in late and you know ketchup so to speak but I mean, I was happy I was really happy with it and maybe we could have

28:30 Or 2/3 or whatever and I got these probably should have started trying to go hard or whatever, but I know we we perform really well actually are finish first second. And fifth was the best the u.s. Is it still has ever had the 30s really and so to an end the US used to dominate in the high jump, we always had that tradition and but we'd we performed really well and I mean against the best competition in the world. It was amazing that you know two

29:17 To go against gavrilov. He I remember he had visited the United States indoors. Now did you Jump Indoors in 68 before the outdoor season know I think my first person doing okay the next year cuz cuz you're an Olympian now so so they start picking me up and you know after me to come here and sure took off at 6, my first my first European ship was in was to go to lunch. Okay. I didn't make that trip until August 1st. OK and 69 that 69 CIF Championship, right California, and I have to wait till that was over three years.

30:17 Yeah phenomenal and it just went on man and I just said a great time jumping it was I was like you whenever I practice or anything or you know, whatever I never job because I already had it in my mind and my timing was down and you know, the sequence was right and I don't want to mess it up because every time I jump at a lower height, man, I get hurt. That's what that jumped in our guest Spike yourself first because you don't just want to go over then, you know lazily do something and it's really interesting because you know, you watched gymnast. They repeat practice practice practice those moves we're doing of specific move, but for me in Pratt,

31:17 Yes, I never had that adrenaline and focus and sewed. I was happy to train, you know and work out an exercise, but I just didn't have that that you want to be there. When one of those people exactly competition. So what yeah, I do. When nobody's watching you and in practice. So do you. I retired early because I was focused on on finishing my eligibility in college and then I had to get my degree which took some time but you jump for a long time. When did you when did you last?

32:17 Jump competitively. My last jump competitively was think it was an 82. Yeah. I know Kitty to 14 years ago. Unbelievable is 82 and that was only reason I mean, I had traveled around the world everywhere. Yeah. Oh, yeah, right. Yes, if you went back home and she became you know, politician is something she invited a bunch of right Olympians over and and I was invited that's all I finally get my child to school. Go to Giant that made that trip to China then I decide you know, I understand.

33:17 You work, you know I want I want to work. I found a job. I went to Hughes aircraft. I started to her. Oh cool and it's worked there and then and he was when I got there they are. Of course, you're not competing. I said, well I'm working and that was really cool that you need all that that was unique, you know, it was all for me and I can and that's all I was able to continue to jump as long as I did. So I never competed outside of North America. I never competed in Europe I did exhibitions, but I never competed eredin, you know part of it was just because I wanted to get my degree in engineering and it was still amateur Sport and so I will

34:17 Really focused on being an engineer and I accomplished that but you know, I miss that experience that you had going all over the world, you know, you're up and and I mean, that's really an amazing except I tell you I but hadn't been for you know, like I said huge, you know helping me out right over there and I figured okay, I can't make a career out of this and I want to do the same thing being engineered all that. Yeah. That was one of my reason for going to Hughes aircraft to learn and see what they did and how they did sure but I didn't make the engineer thing. You know, the Cal Poly I made you was in a communication and what-have-you. Yeah.

35:17 Get all these different levels that you can get into all that and I just did every five years is something that I was enjoying that end in engineering building and I just kept it in my head. You know what you know, my thing was too if I can get something to work make it work. Anyway, I could you know, and I said, well if you don't our job is trying to make something work, you know of any kind of way you can you know, and I'll stop later but that's I think that's how we did our shopping we engineered that's it you at the analyze fraction when you lose in the left after you learn that we got bad about it. We just continue to work to make it better. Sure. Where did you

36:16 Where was this competition in China? We went to Taipei or something. Yeah, and I got a chance to see that part of the world. That was that was that was great and all different. Yeah, where's the funnest place? Did I been yeah, you know what I have to say Russia people didn't like Russia, but you know because of valid bluemail sure. I remember getting out of Russia, right?

36:54 And we jumped in Leningrad Leningrad Stadium. Okay. Yep. They're high jumpers was Moscow and I'm all excited about jumping in Leningrad and all that stuff, you know for sure and they had all a big top jumpers, you know ready to kill us or the competition started at 6 a.m. And I weren't coming into 7 ft getting upset. Right and you must jump crowd is so anyway 750 have a ride. I came in at 8. The crowd just went crazy going to start at 7:50 and then we continue to jump a long story short. I beat the Russian high jumper there in Russia.

37:54 At home. Yeah, they had me sign as many autographs as I could tell you, but I think I sign for about 4 hours per hour. I mean, he was our hero the world record holder Olympic champion, and it was I was so excited. I met him in 87 at the world's okay in Rome and it was I was so excited and then later I met him in 90.

38:54 I was

38:56 I was 50 so would have been 97 and I got invited to go to Moscow and do an exhibition with gavrilov Oak and Ramel was there too and so we've been excited. Yeah, we we drank water cut together and and drink toast each other and he was he was my hero and all of ours but yeah, that's what really got me started as a high jumper watching them at the Coliseum right Thomas John Thomas know so yeah, he's number one in the 7th grade. And so I asked when I started high jumping at Willowbrook High School

39:56 It just took off from there man. It was really great. Yeah, Mexico was when I beat set the broke the American record bro, John Thomas's record in neither Carruthers, or I had never even attempted 7 4 and 1/4 in but that competition just kept pushing us for me coming from Medford, Oregon a small town and for you to come from Compton with the tradition that you guys had to be able to go all over the world. That was a great experience.

40:49 And everybody would always say what is Compton. Where is Compton just south of Los Angeles, you know, but it was a great experience. Well, Ray, you know, I love you man. I love you, too. So proud of you. What a good life bless you.

41:31 Okay. I wonder if we have a little is it okay if I ask sure maybe?

41:39 I was wondering if you could talk to each other about.

41:42 Pacific experience like you clearly have a lot of love for each other. So I was just wondering if you could recount an experience that you felt like you really connect with Ray during your time in getting together to talk about it together to weld. You know that I think the the time when we really connected was the final trials in Tahoe because the there were a lot of expectations of who was going to make the team just as you said and that day John Hartsfield

42:26 I was leading the competition and and I was really nervous and upset because the the Olympic Committee has had changed the rules they they had announced that the winners in the first trials in the LA made the team and then they were going to pick the last two off of the final trials in and then all of a sudden they change the rules the week of the final trials and I was planning on just having kind of a training competition but it was a whole new game and I cheat you and Ed were jumping really well John was jumping out of his mind leading the competition. I was in fourth.

43:26 Place at after we cleared 7 to and we had to make seven 3 to make the team and none of us had ever made it for and the pressure was on and I made it on my first attempt which put me back in as a as a possibility and then you and an ed made it and John missed his three jumps after leading the competition and then he ran off. I think the reason John really got so upset. Remember I was still in high school, right? And I broke that 73 Bay Area, right?

44:26 The company you have to wait 30 minutes and were they had to bring it all these officials again to measure the bar. You know what I think if he hadn't got upset, you know, I just let them do their thing where I guess maybe because it was so long, you know take 30 minutes a lot of time ready to jump and I think he would have made it if you had just stay calm you do like I do when I cut myself but he was excited to see I think he got overexcited bad and he was ready to go and nothing can stop him. So he's ready to jump while he was measuring bad remedy. I think they had to stop at that you jumped in front of their head down getting psyched up to jump looks up and there's officials and a step ladder trying to reach the bar at 732.

45:26 Who is mind and you know, it was really upsetting but it was cuz you know, we could probably when I do, you know, but that is a mother was really excited man. And we all set the personal record great moment. We are on the team. We made the team, you know being all challenges. I mean you find whatever, you know, you find the records of who was going to be there before it wasn't our fault. You know, what time exactly?

46:26 What happened? You know, it's Port ABC terrible things and sports man. It was a sad. When do you know I really felt for John, you know, I wish you just would have stayed, I'll never forget him. He had the day of his life and be like you say to see him run off, you know like yeah. Yeah. I know it said boy, but a happy moment, so it's one of those

47:07 You know things that it's high emotion Olympic trials.

47:21 I was curious about your the job. You said you were looking for part-time work, you know, when were there in at high altitude training camp at Echo Summit South Lake Tahoe we could train in the morning have breakfast go for a training session and then we had all day and it were the trailer court is outside of town. So weird isolated and trying to stay out of trouble. I learn to play golf and hung out with a few of the guys, but you know, just to make a little spending money. I took a part-time job at a

48:18 Add a burger joint and made a little bit of money that that way I was 21. So, you know, I could go into the sea knows you're 17 you needed to go in with an adult no alcohol, and and I remember a bunch of the throwers and guys started pooling money together to go gamble, you know and and play the the tables and not mushy anything and butt breath for me. You know, I was not I was risk-averse and didn't want to lose money gambling or certainly to give it to George friend or some of those other guys.

49:18 Go to go gamble with I just wanted to see if I needed to buy some ice cream or you know, just have a little bit of spending money. So. But that you know what the jobs were where slim and none to cuss words were unqualified were unskilled labor and words and I will be away from Iron. How do I do I guess in a way it kind of worked out for ages for you.

49:59 I remember my question you talking a lot about the mental preparation that it take.

50:10 Sure.

50:13 So Ronaldo win when you're

50:17 In the high jump when you're preparing for your next attempt in the high jump, they'll call our name and they they call out who's on deck or who's next and then who's in the whole who's third? And so we have a little bit of time to prepare for our next attempt. What what's the what's the process that you would go through to get ready for your next jump since I did the strata light headed to straight leg straddle thing. So my thing was to find something high enough to kick up at you know, so I might one of my things for us to kick up at the Gold pole OK or no and then do the splits and Howard.

51:10 How I got ready for that when you know, when they call the three people up, you know on deck and then the hold and jump into whatever then I was like six people ahead of them. No jump up and start doing all this and then I'll also run like the wind Sprints. I run 50-yard gases, you know, and because do in and everything that we do, you know, you have a psychological thing, right and I had to get past that in high school, you know about feeling tired. You think you tired but your body feel good, right? And you don't know where did you just fall for the okee dokee? You know that you're you you feel that way. I had to break that habit, you know by continue to doing things and when they called me up I was nice and fresh felt it and before I jumped I just stood there and visualize everything that I was going to do in my mind and I saw myself running myself and steps. So I my body doing up so everything turning like it's supposed to be in sequence.

52:10 And that was just my routine right there. I'm just getting myself prepared mentally and physically for what I had to do. So who taught you to do that myself, really exactly. Did you know I had conversations later with a lorder boot had won Gold for years and in for Olympic games in a row and what we'd noticed is nobody ever taught us to do this, but we developed our own tattoo. Mine was I would take my mark and start clenching my fists psyching myself up getting the adrenaline going and for it to make the best attempt possible and I would go through a mental process of eliminating mistakes that I would make

53:10 Jumping into the bar instead of Over the Bar had to attack run too hard and then I would leave that and only focus on positive thinking and I wouldn't go until I knew I was going to make I believed it because we believe you know, and I'm sure you had the same sequence. You know, what you leave this spot you not thinking about nothing in between y'all. It's all it's already made man. You going to do it and all systems go to some go and you and your as you taking off born running, you can feel that hate you reach that speed that you need right and what she felt that everything else was just you know it work for you know, Optimus Optimus exactly the way it work for us all the way to make the team, you know, but it was all self-taught and and later.

54:05 People sports psychologist began to write how to do what we were taught ourselves through I said, you know a lot of this stuff. You just have to be like Mike we say when we make mistakes. We just have to correct them and learn from and once you feel like you made a mistake in your speed then you're trying to figure out. Okay. Did I take a longer step or shorter still write whatever and where they are, you know sequence or what, you know, you feel that you have to doing it so many times, you know, and it worked it did.