Rhonda Toussaint and Tara Giger

Recorded August 9, 2023 Archived August 9, 2023 50:12 minutes
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One Small Step partners Rhonda Toussaint (60) and Tara Giger (42) have a conversation about the foster care system and children's education.

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Rhonda relates to Tara over issues that they have faced with having children.
Rhonda and Tara discuss why they decided to participate in a One Small Step conversation.
Tara reveals her political values and how her views have developed overtime.
Rhonda talks about her work with foster care and adoption and the struggles within the program.
Tara talks about how she got interested in politics.
Tara discusses why she has decided to home school her children.
Rhonda presents a conversation that she had with her son about evolution and religion.
Tara talks about the struggles of living in a small town.


  • Rhonda Toussaint
  • Tara Giger

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