Robert Thurman and Valencia Thurman

Recorded September 30, 2023 Archived September 30, 2023 39:24 minutes
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Valencia Thurman (36) speaks with her father, Robert Thurman (74), about his life and times growing up in Georgia.

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- RT was born in Walton County.
- RT explains he attended segregated schools and spoke about the experience.
- RT talks about his mother, Eunice Thurman, who had 15 children, and he was the thirteenth.
- RT got a job with DeKalb County.
- VT asked RT about racial tensions in Social Circle and Covington, GA.
- RT tells the story about an ice cream parlor in 1966 with his sister Idora.
- RT speaks about his job at the dairy, where he had to walk three miles to work and pick up his check.
- RT talks about moving to Atlanta in 1967. He obtained a job at the Simmons Mattress Company and worked there for 41 years.
- RT speaks about the housing market. He rented a two-bedroom apartment for $300.00.
- RT talks about his life in the church and call to become a preacher.
- RT was diagnosed with a blood cancer in 2019. He went through chemotherapy.
- RT speaks about his passion for preaching.
- RT speaks about picking up his grandson.


  • Robert Thurman
  • Valencia Thurman

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