Robert Trujillo, Stacey Trujillo, and Contessa Trujillo

Recorded March 19, 2023 Archived March 19, 2023 36:52 minutes
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Robert “Bobby” Trujillo (66) and daughters Stacey Trujillo (38) and Contessa Trujillo (40) share family memories and reflect on the traditions they want to pass on to the next generation.

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B describes his childhood and family and speaks about their connection to Ranchos de Taos.
B recounts the miracles he has experienced and speaks about his faith and the lessons he has learned.
B describes his grandparents and what it means to live in Taos.
S and C reflect on what their family stories and traditions mean to them and what they want to pass down to the next generation.
C, B, and S discuss the importance of adobe and traditional cooking.
C shares her favorite memory of S.
B speaks about generational changes. B, C, and S reflect on how they would like to be remembered.


  • Robert Trujillo
  • Stacey Trujillo
  • Contessa Trujillo

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Taos Public Library

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