Rodney Farmer and Pam Bessey

Recorded April 27, 2023 Archived April 27, 2023 33:31 minutes
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Rodney Farmer (75) speaks with his stepdaughter Pam Bessey (56) about his time serving in the Vietnam War. Rodney discusses Agent Orange, his travels around Southeast Asia, and memories from his time served that have inspired his poetry.

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Rod (R) remembers imagining himself becoming a “John Wayne type” once he joined the Military.
R talks about witnessing Agent Orange in Vietnam and finding it in his own system years later through medical tests.
R recalls being in a Jeep that hit a young Vietnamese girl riding her bike. R took her to an American doctor and checked in on her regularly after the accident.
R discusses getting his masters in history and becoming a poet when he returned from Vietnam.
R mentions his father who served in WWII.
R talks about his R&R (Rest and Relaxation) trips to the beaches in Vietnam as well as Thailand and Taiwan.
R recalls working as a courier and enjoying being in the helicopter.
R speaks about his brother, who he encouraged to join the Army Reserves so he would be safer.
R relays his father’s thoughts about R and his brother serving in the military.


  • Rodney Farmer
  • Pam Bessey

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