Roy Branklin and Fredrick Hoogland

Recorded May 5, 2023 Archived May 5, 2023 54:07 minutes
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One Small Step partners Fredrick "Fred" Hoogland (75) and Roy Branklin (58) discuss their military service, racism in the United States, and their involvement with the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Fredrick "Fred" Hoogland (FH) describes his experience returning to the United States after serving in Vietnam.
Roy Branklin (RB) describes serving four years in the Marines and his experience moving from Michigan to Georgia.
FH describes his family's experience as Dutch citizens during the Nazi occupation of Holland.
RB describes some of his experiences as a Black man in the United States and why he would "lay down [his] life" for an individual rather than for his country. FH describes how soldiers "fight for each other" and that, as a white man, he is pained by the injustices he sees.
Both partners share how they became aware of One Small Step.
Both partners discuss the differences between not fitting in as a European immigrant and not fitting in as an African American. RB shares how he "takes advantage" of the attention he draws as a Black man.
FH describes life as a "damn Yankee" in Georgia.
RB recalls being head of security during the 1996 Summer Olympics when there was a terrorist attack. He also describes rescuing a woman one week later who fell on the train tracks near Centennial Park.
FH describes his experience serving as a volunteer during the same Olympic Games.
RB describes overcoming addiction and incarceration to establish a career as a mental health therapist, as well as owning a security service.
FH describes his earlier and later careers.
RB shares why he is hopeful about our country's future.


  • Roy Branklin
  • Fredrick Hoogland

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